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How to Boost your Business through Digital Media Marketing

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No big business became big without being small first. And as a newbie in the business scene, I know how eager you are to multiply your company’s profit but before having lots and lots of mind-blowing increase in revenue, you have to reach out to your potential customers first. One way to do that is through digital media marketing.

What is Digital Media Marketing?

To make it very simple and easy to understand, Digital Media Marketing is a form of a marketing process that makes use of the internet or other electronic devices. It is a way to reach out to your targeted audiences through social media, search engine results, emails, and websites.

Many small and medium-sized businesses often neglect this process as it requires a great amount of time and effort, and it doesn’t come cheap. For this very reason, these businesses stall on reaching out to their customers not taking into consideration the help that can be offered by outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing digital marketing can help your business to work on a cheaper budget as you can take advantage of a lower cost of labor in exchange for a specialized team of highly skilled people to work for you. It also reduces your stress to buy a new desktop or to expand your office just to cater to your digital media marketing team needs.

What I am about to show you below are digital media marketing tasks that you can outsource to boost your business’ revenue:

1. Social Media Monitoring

As I have said in my other article, social media marketing can be useful to promote your business, to gain traffic, and more. You have to take advantage of the number of users of social media platforms that are continuing to increase and increase over time. Of course, the effectivity of this depends on how good you are in the content you post and the percentage of interest of the users that see your content.

You may be wondering, how could you possibly know?

This is when Social Media Monitoring comes. Basically, social media monitoring is the process of using analytics tools, statistics, charts, and anything to gather information from different social media channels to feed your social media marketing some ideas on what content will be the most effective for your brand.

It is very important to monitor your social media activity so you can know how to respond, interact, and engage with your followers. It can give you an idea on how people react on your posts, how they show interests in your content, how they communicate through messages, and most importantly, how they are responding to your campaigns.

Take note that social media monitoring is not just about social media platforms. Blogs, news, forums, and other internet social communities can also be monitored through social media monitoring.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Another task that can be done in outsourcing digital media marketing is SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of boosting your website through keywords, phrases, links, and authority. Your goal in SEO is to make sure that your content or website is being found with the relevant keywords in searching in search engines.

Why is it important, you asked?

It all boils down to getting traffic. No, I’m not talking about the traffic you encounter on your way home. I’m talking about the traffic of internet users that goes in, stays, and shows interest in your website.

Of course, you wanted to become big so you have to be known first. Think of your website like a stall in a shopping mall. Internet traffic is the number of people that come in and out of your stall. More internet traffic, more people will know you, more chances to have successful events, more revenue!

However, this task is not simple and easy to do. It takes several months before you can savor the fruit of your labor so I advise you to get yourself a highly-skilled and dedicated staff to get the job done. No worries, we can help you with that!

3. Email Marketing

According to a study of The Radicati Group, there are 3.8 Billion email users in 2018 and it is expected to grow by 3% every year. With this high increase in the number of people using email, the success of email marketing is relatively high. You can take advantage of connecting with more people to share with them your brand and content.

How can Email Marketing help to boost your business?

As you may have known, Email Marketing is the use of email to deliver your content, brand, and promotions to both your existing and potential customers. It is a cheaper alternative to snail mailing and a much easier thing to do.

Some type of contents you can email blast to your customers and target audiences are:

  • Newsletters
  • Vouchers and promotions
  • Product Highlights
  • Business Events

Outsourcing this type of digital marketing tasks allows you to have a worry-free email blasting process as it can help you connect to your audience directly with your own personalized content.

4. PPC Management

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Management is a process in which your hired staff manages your ad spend on your strategies and formulate a working target audience market to ensure an effective and efficient PPC campaign.

Here are the tasks that fall under the PPC Management category:

  • Keyword Research
    • Finding competitive keywords that users are frequently searching for
  • Ad Campaigns Target
    • Targetting your Ads based on your viewers, keywords, and brand
  • Competition Research
    • Observing your competition’s target keywords and how they communicate with your same target audience
  • Target Channels
    • Choosing which media channel should be focused on

PPC any way is not like magic. Everything doesn’t come in an instant. It requires a series of testing and experimenting before you achieve your much-wanted goal.

To Wrap It Up…

Digital Marketing, like any other marketing method, doesn’t give you instant success. Although through time, patience, and experiments, success in online presence and increase in revenue will be within reach. Just make sure to get a fit and highly skilled staff to boost your chance to succeed in a shorter amount of time.

Our goal here at Clark Outsourcing is to help you, especially small to mid-sized businesses, gain presence, market your business to your chosen audiences, and have a boost in your revenues. We know that you have a lot of ongoing projects that getting a special team might be too costly and labor intensive.

Contact us so we can discuss how we can help you in your digital media marketing needs.

Do you think we missed something or you have clarifications? Your insights matter to us so share it with us through the comment box below.

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