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Top 5 Common Misconceptions about Outsourcing

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I know most business owners have already come up with the idea to try and outsource some of their tasks. Aside from its promised cost-efficient and flexible advantage, business owners are enticed with the idea of expanding and getting skilled staff with less effort and time.

However, amidst the facts that outsourcing has helped 78% of businesses over the world according to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey and thousands of articles posted online as to why choose to outsource, many businesses are still having second thoughts in going for outsourcing because of fallacies and misconceptions that they may have heard from somebody else.

To clear your mind from these misconceptions, here are 5 Misconceptions about Outsourcing that if left unanswered, may lead to the poor decision making of businesses to improve:

Misconception 1. Outsourcing is for large companies only

One misconception of most SMEs is that outsourcing is for large firms only.

Although large enterprises are being more attracted in the idea of it, outsourcing, in reality, is flexible and can accommodate small, medium, and large enterprises by all means and with equal opportunities.

In fact, BPO companies are likely to choose SMEs as their clients. Wonder why? It is because outsourcing companies are looking for long-term partnerships and a growing business is just perfect for it.

Here at Clark Outsourcing, our goal is to help small and mid-sized companies to grow by offering them solutions and resources that were only available to Fortune 500 companies.

Misconception 2. It makes you lose control of your business

Don’t lose yourself from thinking about losing control of your business. This misconception is absolutely not true.

Let me Explain…

Let’s say you hired a BPO staff to perform SEO tasks. The staff will only work around with SEO stuff nothing more, nothing less.

Outsourcing some of your tasks doesn’t give them the authority to take on task outside the area of work you assigned to them. In addition to that, you are still the one who will give them tasks and due dates. You will still be the one managing and evaluating them – they just help to get the job done!

In the end, the control is still yours. Although you lose control of the process of how the task is done, that is actually the objective of outsourcing! Let your staff do the work and you can just focus on other parts of the business.

Misconception 3. You get poor quality of work

This misconception about outsourcing is maybe the biggest deal-breaker with business owners.

If you think that you will get poor quality of work because you do not see or manage your outsourced staff personally, then you are wrong.

Although you don’t see them personally, there are ways on how you can check the progress and maintain the quality of the end result. One of these is through instant messaging apps where you can arrange a video-call or share images of their work progress. Additionally, you can discuss with the outsourcing company to give you reports on how they behave and evaluate them so good quality of work can be maintained.

Outsourcing companies want you to grow so they can maintain their long-term relationship with you. This being said, be assured that the poor quality of work will not be a problem since the outsourcing company you chose will be cooperative.

Misconception 4. Outsourcing companies cannot be trusted

You may have heard this misconception from a company who got scammed or not treated very well by their chosen outsourcing company.

Well, there may be 1 or 2 sloppy outsourcing company out there, but not all of them are the same!

As a matter of fact, I have written an article on our website to guide you on how to choose the right outsourcing partner. The key is to communicate with them, check for their records and experience, or better yet, visit their office.  An established and experienced outsourcing company is what you should be looking for. It is not about how cheap the price is, but it is about their positive manifestation to their current clients.

Misconception 5. They can’t provide the right person for the job

Almost all outsourcing companies follow a common recruitment process. This process takes away the hassle of you having to interview a lot of applicants for a smoother and faster recruitment process.

The process that is followed by most outsourcing companies looks like this:

  • Recruitment team will start to find applicants
  • Recruitment team will screen applicants through exams and initial interviews
  • Recruitment team will give you a list of the applicants that passed along with their test results and interview answers
  • And lastly, the recruitment team will organize a skype chat with you and the remaining applicants so you can also know more about them and choose the best for you.

You, as the client of an outsourcing company, will have the final say on who you would choose to work for you. Usually, the outsourcing company will just present you candidates for the position and take note, these people are already filtered based on your requirements. This just proves that you are assured that the work result you will be getting will be from the fittest and most skilled staff that you have chosen.

To Wrap It Up…

Outsourcing has its own strengths and weaknesses. But even if it is proven to be effective in boosting small to large companies, there are still misconceptions that destroy the image of it.

Remember that misconceptions will remain misconceptions if you will not care to look at the facts and proofs that outsourcing can certainly help your business to grow.

If your call is to invest your business in outsourcing, then do it! Clark Outsourcing is here to help. Contact us so we can discuss how.

Do you think we missed something or you have clarifications? Your insights matters to us so share it with us through the comment box below.

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