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Information Technology Outsourcing Companies

Many Outsourcing Companies are Moving from Manila to Clark Freeport Zone.

“Philippines as a country offers us a unique talent pool for outsourcing services in legal as well as design services,” says Joseph Sigelman, co-president of India-based Outsourcing group, which was acquired by a U.S. company. in April. The company chose the Philippines as the springboard for its legal services outsourcing and expects to make Manila the main center for “pre-media” outsourcing work, including desktop publishing, composition, typesetting, and graphic design.

IT outsource to the Philippines by companies like AoV Outsourcing service, PI Outsource, AJK Consulting, MicroSourcing and numerous other BPO and KPO companies has been on the stream of economic issues not only in the country but mainly in the United States as well. Outsource to the Philippines is undeniably the factor that steers the growth of our economy. Apparently, there is no standard legitimate definition for outsource to the Philippines. But generally, outsourcing is the transfer of fractions of work to an outside service provider or suppliers to reduce the cost of expenses. This often result to more business opportunity for companies. outsource to the Philippines has been continuously booming for the past years since the labour of our workers here are considerably cheaper than the services offered elsewhere.

Since 2000, IT outsource to the Philippines have sprouted like mushrooms throughout major Philippine cities, including Iloilo’s AoV Outsourcing service, Manila’s Archangles IT, Clark Freeport Zone’s (the former US military base in Pampanga province) RCG-IT, Cebu’s PODD Corp., Dumaguete’ SPI and Davao’s BHI Pro, catering largely to US firms seeking cheap labor to handle so-called “cyberservices”, including customer care, back-office processing, data transcription and other information-technology-related services. The focus of IT outsource to the Philippines is to provide both your customers and the search engines with what they seeking, highly accessible information.

The main 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN, are constantly refining and altering the algorithms that drive their engines to produce the most relevant and useful results.The Philippine Cyberservices Corridor is a plan that is being pursued by the government of the Philippines to create interconnected centers of technology-related services, that are spread out all over the country. Services include IT outsource to the Philippines, medical transcription, and the like.

In 2005, the country employed about 100,000 BPO/KPO and customer care agents, with employment growing yearly. This growth is expected to accelerate by the completion of the corridor. It is estimated that 200,000 people are working in 120 BPO in the Philippines in 2006, and expected to bring in revenues of US$3.8 billion for the year.

Manila is over crowded and its can take hours to drive from Makati to another part of Manila. The best new option for foreigners who are setting up outsourcing companies is to setup shop in Clark Freeport Zone.

Clark Freeport Zone has More to Offer than Manila

Clark Freeport Zone is a redevelopment of the former Clark Air Base, a former United States Air Force base in the Philippines. It is located on the
northwest side of Angeles City and on the west side of Mabalacat City in the province of Pampanga. It is located northwest of Metro Manila. The zone is a former US military base and has modern infrastructure facilities, generous fiscal and non-fiscal incentives, professional support services and other
amenities. Today, Clark forms the hub for business, industry, aviation, education, and tourism in the Philippines as well as a leisure, fitness,
entertainment and gaming center of Central Luzon.

The plan for the 4,400-hectare (10,868-acre) main zone and 27,600-hectare (68,172-acre) sub zone is to transform the zone into an airport-driven urban center targeting high-end IT enabled industries, aviation and logistics related enterprises, tourism and other sectors.

The future international gateway for the country was planned for Clark but is now in limbo as the president seems to
favour expanding the existing Manila airport. Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is the only airport serving the
Manila area. However, in practice, both NAIA and Clark International Airport(CRK) serve the Capital and surrounding
cities, with CRK catering mostly to low-cost carriers that avail themselves of the lower landing fees than those charged at

So Clark Freeportzone has it all, Airports, Shopping Malls, Cheap housing and apartments, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Churches and so many thing tourist spots and locations near beaches. Clark Base as it is called, also offers 5 Casinos and hotels, 2 large water parks and hundreds of restaurants.

The corporate world also shines in the area with state of the art facilities for IT, Outsourcing and Call Centers. Consider Clark Freeport Zone for your next office location!


3 Web Design Tips That Promote User Engagement

3 Web Design Tips That Promote User Engagement

How to use web design to build a connection with your customers

All businesses should aim to form a connection with their target audience. No matter how much you spend in marketing, if your brand appears cold and soulless, people will find it difficult to relate to. This can be bad especially if you are running a startup business and are looking to create loyal customers.

With the help of the internet, building rapport with your customers is now made easier. Aside from engaging your audience via social media, you should also learn how to optimize your website to help you achieve this goal.

In today’s blog post, we will give you 3 web design tips that will help you connect with your audience better.

  1. Focus your design towards your target audience

3 Web Design Tips That Will Promote Customer Engagement1

When designing your website, among the worst mistakes you could commit is to create it for search engines. I understand that a high SEO rank is vital, but what determines your website’s value is how effectively it helps its users find the information that they need.

The first step is make sure that your website is easy to navigate. By making it feel intuitive and organized, visitors will find it easier to use. Arrange the information in a logical manner, and avoid putting too many texts, links, images, and buttons.

Next, know what colors to use. As a designer,you should familiarize yourself with the ‘color theory’, which, according to Wikipedia, is “a body of practical guidance to color mixing and the visual effects of a specific color combination.”

I will not be getting into the complexities of this theory because to be honest, it is a complicated topic that requires a separate post. Basically, you should know which colors go well with each other, how it affects a person’s psychology, and how effectively it sends your message across.

By designing a website for humans, you will gain more followers and customers. Your will be known as a business that provides quality content.

  1. Use parallax design wisely

    3 Web Design Tips That Will Promote Customer Engagement 2

What does parallax design mean? A website that uses parallax relies on a scrolling effect. Aesthetically speaking, a parallax website’s background scrolls slower compared to its foreground elements giving it a 3D effect. If you want to see the “About” section of a website, instead of going to another page, it will automatically scroll down the aforementioned section.

There is a notion that parallax design is bad for a website’s SEO. Is it true? Yes, it can be true (emphasis on the word “can”). But how?

First, many websites that use parallax reduce their website to a single URL. For example, a normal non-parallax website would have URLs like these:


Meanwhile, a parallax website would have URLs like these:


The parallax URLs can negatively affect SEO because search engines only index separate URLs (i.e. pages). This can affect your website’s visibility because only the homepage will be indexed.

However, SEO isn’t everything. As I said in tip number one, you should design your websites for humans. Among the benefits of parallax is its ability to attract people. It can tell stories, it is user friendly, and it is an effective way to present the services of your business. With the wise usage of parallax, you will be able to get more views without sacrificing too much of your ranking.

  1. Provide interesting content

    3 Web Design Tips That Will Promote Customer Engagement3

Last but not the least, make sure to provide content that people actually find interesting. No matter how good your website looks or how well it functions, it’s all in vain if your content is plain and boring.

It is up to the designer and the content marketing team on how they will combine great visuals with quality content in a way that keeps users engaged all from start to finish. Great web design companies have mastered the art of creating a website that is both informative, beautiful, and immersive.

Form a close relationships with your audience today

To keep ahead of the game, you should constantly strive to connect with your audience in a positive and professional way. It is your responsibility as the business owner to find ways to improve your customer’s experience with your company. With the help of the three web design tips above, creating a memorable and useful site will be a lot easier.

We hope this helps! What other web design techniques do you use? Let us know in the comments.

How to Use Stories in Content Marketing

How to Use Stories in Content Marketing

Storytelling is an effective content marketing tool

StorytellerWhen I was in third grade, a small group of people went to my school. When they entered our classroom, this friendly-looking gentleman, who was wearing a coat and had a few streaks of grey hair, stood in front and asked:

“Who here likes marshmallows?”

Several  hands went up, including mine. Then he said, “Wow! So a lot of you like marshmallows.  As for me? I love them.”

That was when the teacher introduced the group to us. Apparently, they were selling small boxes of modelling clay that could be used for our art class.

After handing out small free sample boxes, the man told us a story about how much he loved marshmallows as a kid. He said that he would save a few cents that he managed to save from  his allowance on schooldays. Then, on Saturday mornings, he would go to the neighborhood store to buy his favorite pack of plain marshmallows using the money that he saved.

After telling us his the rest of his story, he instructed us to open the box. He was referring to the small box of modelling clay on our desks.

So we opened it — and surprise, surprise — the clay smelled like marshmallows! I remember spending literally 5 whole minutes sniffing the clay.

Looking back, I realized how funny (and questionable) it was to sell marshmallow-scented clay doh to third-graders. But I remember back then, nearly all students in my class spent their lunch money on that clay. We were so hooked with the man’s backstory that we bought his product without batting an eyelash.

Storytelling will give your brand a soul

How to Use Stories in Content Marketing - Brand PersonalityCustomers love brands with distinct personalities. With the use of good stories, you will give your image a face, a personality, and a soul. According to Harvard Business Review, the human brain loves a good storytelling.

By learning to evoke certain feelings from your readers, you will allow them to sense empathy. In content marketing, being able to form a connection with your audience is important.

Identify your target audience

How to Use Stories in Content Marketing - Target Audience

Let’s go back to the man selling marshmallow-scented clay. He knew exactly who his audience was. He knew that children our age were inclined to like sweets. That’s why he used it as a “hook” to entice us into buying his product.

By identify your audience, you will know exactly what to create. Are you selling products to teenagers? Feel free to use a bit of internet slang to attract people in the age group. Are you offering health insurance to people planning to retire? Give them facts and testimonials from people who had positive experiences with your company.

While research may not be appealing, it is necessary and extremely vital. Gathering facts and essential information will  make you more trustworthy and reliable.

Familiarize yourself with the Story Structure

Freytag Pyramid

The image above is called the Story Structure or the Freytag Pyramid. This is a fundamental structure that most stories follow. Try to craft a story that follows the same form and find a way to connect it to the product or service that you offer.

Don’t be afraid to spruce up your story by adding imagined scenarios, but make sure that most of it are based on facts. Business websites should be factual, after all.

Content marketing should be more than ads and promotional posts. Provide high-quality content to your audience and you will see a significant boost in customer engagement levels.

Do you also use storytelling in your content marketing strategies? Let us know in the comments.


5 Ways to Motivate Call Center Agents

5 Ways to Motivate Call Center Agents

motivationA work-driven call center agent is the the most vital part of your company in achieving your goal to to convey excellent customer service. Even the smoothest customer experience can sometimes take an undesirable turn. At that point, your customers will most likely grab their phones and ask for the assistance of a representative from your company.

While you may have all the right tools and overheads necessary to keep your employees productive, it may not always work. If you already have all the equipment necessary to make high-quality calls, you should now focus on keeping your call center agents happy and motivated. By developing an safe and proactive environment for your workforce, your representatives will promptly react with higher engagement levels.

Keeping your BPO employees productive is necessary for your business. Here are the top 5 ways to motivate call center agents.

  1. Provide a comfortable work environment

Most of the time, call center agents are seated in front of a computer handling calls and gathering information. By providing them a comfortable office to work in, you’re allowing them to focus on keeping the quality of their calls high. Imagine working in a hot or cramped office while listening to an irate customer. Not very productive, right? A good office should be air-conditioned, well-lit, and should have all the necessary tools.

  1. Promote friendly competition within the team

By providing your agents a chance to have friendly competition against their colleagues make them a lot more productive. Friendly rivalry with colleagues is thought to be a good motivator that boosting their drive to excel. It benefits both parties. The winners are given compensation while the others are driven by the desire to succeed as well.

  1. Encourage the team leaders to walk around

Part of the team leader’s role is to keep the agents productive and energized for work. Pre-shift, mid-shift, and/or after-shift huddles are necessary. However, another way to keep the team from dozing off is by letting the team leader walk around. They can provide verbal motivation and their physical presence can be enough to wake up the sleepy agents.

  1. Promote face-to-face interaction

If you can, try to interact with your team on a regular basis. Better yet, allow them to have a one-day “interaction time”. You can hold this once a month. This interaction time is just as its name suggests. Basically, agents will have an entire day dedicated to talking and bonding with their team. Questions, suggestions, and complaints can be expressed to team leaders or the admin staff directly. This allows the team to develop a meaningful rapport with each other.

  1. Motivate by using incentives and bonuses

The job of a call center agent is not easy. Handling customer complaints and inquiries all day is a big responsibility. One of the most effective ways of keeping the productivity high is by giving the agents incentives and bonuses whenever they do something exceptional.

Monitoring your team’s productivity levels can give you an idea on what motivator works best for each team. A team of happy and satisfied agents can determine the success of your BPO endeavors.


Why Social Media is Important for Your Business


Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

Social media is one of the most effective marketing platforms that businesses are using. As of November 2016, Facebook — the most popular social networking site — has a whopping 1.79 billion users, and 1.18 of those users view their profiles daily. Other social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube have 317 million and 1 billion users, respectively.

With such large coverage, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs utilize this platform with the purpose of finding and interacting with their clients and prospects. Overall, a business that has social media pages earn more profit compared to their not-so-social counterparts.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the consumer’s desire for accessibility and convenience. Today, we will give you the 5 reasons why social media is important for your business.

Reason 1: Respond to complaints faster

Back then, when customers want to complain about the service they received from a business, they’ll have to do it on review websites or email the company right away. Nowadays, while review sites are still popular, people are more likely to post about their experience on social media.

Take Twitter, for example. Say a customer bought a bouquet of flowers from a local shop and realized that the flowers delivered to them were withered and filled with bugs, they’d probably take a photo of it and post it on the website while mentioning the business that delivered the unsatisfactory product. The Business owner would then respond to the customer by mentioning them and providing a way to resolve the issue. The faster you respond to complaints, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Reason 2: Monitor your competition

By having a social media profile, you will be able to watch your competitors and the strategies they employ. You obviously don’t want to give your competitors an edge over your brand, so the best way to try and get ahead is by matching their promos and deals.

Reason 3: Generate more sales

Did you know that about 50% of social media users buy products that are advertised or otherwise recommended to them via social media? Having an online presence makes your brand a lot more visible, and by advertising your list of products and services on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you’ll gather more attention and you can gain more clients by doing so.

Having an ecommerce website is good, but without a good marketing campaign, you’ll find it difficult to generate sales online. Customers from distant cities (and countries) can purchase your products as well.

Reason 4: Target the right people

why-social-media-is-important-for-your-business3There are many online marketing strategies out there, and targeted marketing is one of them. Basically, targeted ads are meant to reach the people who are more likely to buy your products by taking their likes and interests into account.

Whenever users “like” something online, or whenever they buy an item from a website, sites like Facebook can track them and by doing so, they can see ads that correspond to their purchase history.

Reason 5: Get noticed

No matter what industry you’re in, competition will always be tight. Getting people’s attention is surprisingly difficult. With the help of social media, you have a (mostly) free way to get noticed. By posting funny photos, announcing discounts, and promoting new products, people will find out about your business and you will have a chance to grab their attention.

Why is social media important? In today’s society, people are just as active online as they are in real life. A good entrepreneur won’t let any sales opportunity slip away, and by using this popular platform, businesses can pave their way to growth and success.

virtual assistant in the Philippines

The Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

The Benefits of Outsourcing Virtual Assistants

Filipino VAEntrepreneurs want to have full control over their business. If a business is still small and only has a handful of employees, having full control can be possible. However, as the business becomes more successful, expansion becomes inevitable. At that point, entrepreneurs who aim to handle everything by themselves will find it impractical.

This is where Filipino Virtual Assistants step in. With the help of skilled virtual workers, you can maintain and improve the productivity of your business without compromising too much of your work-life balance.

Should you hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

The main goal of business owners when hiring a virtual assistant is to improve business efficiency at lower costs. By delegating tasks to your VA, you prevent experiencing work-related burnouts, you have more time to engage your customers and improve your products and services.

However, where can you hire affordable virtual assistants that have all the skills needed to do the job? The answer? Hire a VA from the Philippines. Many western companies now prefer to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines instead of recruiting one from countries like India. Filipinos have a much better grasp in the English language, and their neutral accents enhances verbal communication between them and their employers.

Moreover, by deciding to outsource your VA team from the Philippines, you can save a lot in labor, overhead, utility, and equipment costs. You need not worry about getting a bigger office or setting up more workstations. You don’t have to buy new computers, chairs, and peripherals. Employee bonuses and  benefits also cost a lot less compared to hiring real-life assistants within America.

Freelance VA’s vs. Agency VA

Business owners have two options when they decide to hire a VA from the Philippines. They can either a freelance worker from trusted online platforms that connects businesses to remote workers, or they can hire one from a reliable VA agency.

Which one should you choose? The answer is: it depends. It depends on what your company needs and how much your budget is. If you’re getting a VA for a single project that needs a person with a strong specialization in that specific field, then a freelance virtual assistant may be preferable. These kind of virtual assistants are also a bit more ver satile when it comes to their working hours.

But, if you’re the owner of a business that’s undergoing — or planning to undergo — an expansion, then you will need someone that can handle different tasks in the long run, then definitely consider getting in touch with an established Filipino VA company. This guarantees that the Filipino VA you hire will have all the skills necessary to do the work properly. It also gives you peace of mind because most trusted VA agencies offer to switch your assistant for another one in case you’re not satisfied with your current employee.

There are many companies in the Philippines that offer virtual assistant services, at Clark Outsourcing, you can hire the VA the best fits your business’ needs. Whether you need a short term or long term assistant, we guarantee that the person you hire will be able to produce the results that you want. Contact us and begin expanding your business today!