Clerical Outsourcing Company


Clerical Outsourcing Company

Clerical Outsourcing Company

There is not a single business that does not have some type of clerical work that needs to be accomplished. Filing paperwork, managing records, reception duties, data entry and other administrative tasks all fall under the responsibility of a clerical worker or clerical assistant. The scope of duties will vary from day to day so they are often considered to be a jack of all trade in and around the office.

Clerical Workloads

Workload for clerical positions tends to be very inconsistent. Some days there is not enough hours in the day while most days are spent waiting around for the next project. Because of this inconsistent workload the trend for small to medium sized businesses is to get these administrative tasks completed by using a clerical outsourcing service.


Handling Administrative Tasks
Most SMEs are working with a limited budget and are only employing the absolutely necessary staff to operate. In the beginning it is unlikely they employ someone dedicated to administrative tasks so the clerical business functions are placed on the back burner until one of the key players has time to work on it even though it is usually out of their area of expertise. This inevitably leads to prolonged processes and poor quality of work.


Cost Savings

BPO companies are filled with experienced staff that are experts in handling clerical work. This limits the requirement and costs that come with recruiting and training new employees. SMEs are also free from the costs and time it takes to manage the newly hired employee. With clerical outsourcing companies pay a flat rate per month for the service needed without having to worry about payroll, taxes and insurances.


Hire a Service

When companies engage in outsourcing they are hiring a service instead of hiring an individual employee. Companies are only charged for the administrative work that is actually completed with no consideration to the actual employee performing the job. No additional resources are needed from the client for completing the outsourced tasks. Time and money is not wasted on checking personal emails, social networking and internet browsing with clerical outsourcing.

Clerical Outsourcing Duties

Using today’s advanced technology enables companies to have almost any administrative task completed remotely. Clerical duties are extremely varied depending on each company’s needs but here are the 12 most common tasks:

  1. Answer telephones, take messages and transfer calls
  2. Communicate with customers and employees
  3. Maintain and update inventory and database systems
  4. Basic bookkeeping and banking transactions
  5. Process and prepare documents
  6. Prepare meeting agendas and record minutes
  7. Compile, copy and file records and transactions
  8. Complete and mail bills, contracts and policies
  9. Compute, record and proofread data and reports
  10. Type, format, proofread and edit correspondence from notes
  11. Complete work schedules, manage calendars and appointments
  12. Make travel arrangements for personnel

We provide simple, scalable outsourcing solutions by combining the right people, custom technology and modern fully-equipped workspaces. We have made outsourcing better!

Our goal is to help small and mid-sized companies leverage their business by offering the global resources that were previously only available to the Fortune 500 companies.

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What we Provide


Help optimize your HR efforts by hiring a virtual recruitment assistant who can help your recruiting efforts with a wide plethora of tasks. This service is perfect for augmenting your internal HR department or equally ideal for the HR firm and independent recruiter/headhunter.

Inquiries from calls, social media and emails

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appointment setting

Are you juggling a hectic schedule or have too many leads and referrals coming in? Your VA can perform appointment setting as well as a plethora of other mission critical tasks to help take your business to the next level. Hiring a virtual assistant to make phone calls and set appointments could give you the edge to increase your bottom line!

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