The BPO BOT Model and How its the Best Way to Get Your Feet Wet

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Growing your company beyond its original country is almost a must nowadays in order to stay ahead of the competition. Opening branches or facilities overseas in the Philippines can drastically cut your operating costs as well as provide your company tax cuts and other benefits. Whether you are looking to expand your business of manufacturing, retail, construction, IT, energy, or communications the Philippines has the talent and technology you need to be successful. Some of the most well-known multinational corporations have already established facilities in the country.

Business owners throughout the world are pursuing ventures to expand to the Philippines but are finding that the country’s business landscape does not come without roadblocks. The Filipino government has put in place a wide range of confusing regulations that must be adhered to along with a laundry list of different authorities that your company must register with.

While trying to figure out everything needed to get your building qualified and company registered you still have to figure out what is needed as far as recruiting and employing staff. This process is very time consuming and will have you feeling like you are on a wild goose chase.

Needless to say this adventure can be risky and not to mention extremely costly if you are unfamiliar with setting up businesses in the Philippines. The good news is that there are foreign business consultants located in the Philippines that are experts with the laws, regulations and in recruiting staff to get your company setup quickly and operating smoothly.

Introducing the BPO BOT model

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) approach means partnering with a third-party vendor to establish and stabilize your captive center for you. The vendor is responsible for initial setup, staffing and operations of the captive center during the predefined period of time. At the end of the contract period the ownership is transferred to you. So you essentially take over the turnkey captive center already tailored to meet your specific needs.

BOT option best suits organizations that do not have local expertise or extensive resources available to them. Build-Operate-Transfer optimally combines the control element of having a captive center with the flexibility of outsourcing. Essentially it provides you the maximum control at minimal risk.

Only after your team is fully staffed and operating to your standards along with your company being 100% compliant with all laws and regulations will your new team and office be turned over to you. This BOT proposal will be presented as a flat rate and will include everything needed to get you setup and running.

Services Included With BOT

  1. Staffing. Recruitment and building your team based on skill requirements.
  2. Planning. You will constantly be provided with the known good strategies that work best when operating a business in the Philippines. This is probably the most valuable service included when using the BOT service.
  3. Daily Management. Everything from management of staff to the maintenance of your office building will be handled by the BPO BOT company until transferring the business to you.
  4. Work space. Office furniture, internet connection, desktops and work space layout will all be included in the proposal. It is the true definition of a turn-key model.
  5. Registration. The BPO company will get your company fully registered and legal to operate in the Philippines. Your new office will also be in accordance with all building regulations and inspections.
  6. Transfer. Once the team is up and running in the new office then the team will be transferred to you.
  7. Consulting. Consultation services will also be available after the transfer; if needed, on a pay-per-hour basis.


As you can see using the BOT model will make life a whole lot easier when setting up a captive center in the Philippines. You basically just hire a BPO company to get everything you needed setup while you continue operate and grow your business back home. Besides saving you months if not years of time getting your captive center setup overseas you are also spared the agony of dealing with foreign governments and regulations.

All business decisions have some type of risks involved and expanding your business operations to the Philippines is probably one of the biggest you will make. You are able to mitigate a lot of the risks by using the BOT model to help with your expansion.

If this is your first time getting your feet wet in the Philippines or you already have experience doing business in the country, using the BOT model is guaranteed to save you time and limit the risks of expanding to the Philippines.

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