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What is a Phoenix Virtual Assistant?

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A Virtual Assistant is a person or business that finishes a variety of administrative, web, and computer work or call center jobs. This means that they complete the work from their workplace and send it to their consumer via e-mail, web link, postal mail, or fax. Interaction is done by means of email, Skype and phone, with various Virtual Assistants never ever fulfilling their jobs face to face.

Phoenix Cloud Staffing
Who uses a Phoenix Virtual Assistant?
Anybody can. Realty agents, coaches, non-profit, churches, small to medium business owners, and big corporations are a few businesses of that can gain from the services of a Phoenix Virtual Assistant. The benefit of a Virtual Assistant is that they can be made use of on an “as-needed” basis, or a client can contract them to work a lot of hours a month.
How can they complete my work without remaining in my office?
The power of technology allows work to be done from anywhere in the world. Some Virtual Assistants will connect their computer system to a client’s and work directly on the customer’s computer system. Other choices are to send out work through e-mail, postal mail, as well as put it on the internet and have consumers download it. Depending upon the project, a Virtual Assistant can find an approach to complete the work and make certain the consumer gets it on time.

How is a Virtual Assistant more useful than someone in my workplace?
The primary advantages of a Filipino Virtual Assistant to someone in a workplace are financial and space. A typical office staff member makes $43.54/ hour (United States Bureau of Labor Data March, 2003) with their benefits bundle and wage. By the time an in-office staff member takes breaks, lunch, toilet breaks, and talking with others in the office, consider exactly what does it cost? money is squandered! A Virtual Assistant will charge their customer ONLY for the time invested handling the job and they pay their own advantages.
The other benefit is work space. Having another person in a workplace suggests someplace to put another desk, computer system, and other workplace devices needed by that staff member (plus the expense of all this devices and maintenance). Phoenix Virtual Assistants at Clark Outsourcing have their own work space, computer system, equipment, maintenance, and so on. In addition, the majority of Virtual Assistants Companies will cover the cost of products, which for an employee, the company must also provide. When accumulating these expenses, the Virtual Assistant comes out as a far less expensive option.

What does Phoenix Cloud Staffing expense? What do they charge?
The basic rate varieties in the Philippines range from $5 to $40+ per hour depending upon the services requested and the Virtual Assistants experience and degree.
How do I go about finding a Phoenix Virtual Assistant that is a “match” for me?
At Clark Outsourcing we select only extremely qualified college graduates to fill your needs. Some customers discover it beneficial to have 2 or 3 Virtual Assistants that have various locations of competence.
At Clark Outsourcing, we provide basic, scale-able outsourcing options by combining the right people, custom innovation and contemporary fully-equipped work areas. We have actually made contracting out much better!
Our ultimate goal is to help little and mid-sized business leverage their service by offering the global resources that were formerly only readily available to the Fortune 500 companies.
Hiring an “all in” staff member beginning at $900 a month … It is a no-brainer. We have the Phoenix Virtual Assistant you are trying to find.




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Help optimize your HR efforts by hiring a virtual recruitment assistant who can help your recruiting efforts with a wide plethora of tasks. This service is perfect for augmenting your internal HR department or equally ideal for the HR firm and independent recruiter/headhunter.

Inquiries from calls, social media and emails

Increase exposure, manage your online reputation, produce social content and generate leads with your very own full-time social media manager. We will let you hand pick from our pull of qualified social media virtual assistants who will work up to 48 hours a week and around the clock to help manage your brand’s social media exposure.

appointment setting

Are you juggling a hectic schedule or have too many leads and referrals coming in? Your VA can perform appointment setting as well as a plethora of other mission critical tasks to help take your business to the next level. Hiring a virtual assistant to make phone calls and set appointments could give you the edge to increase your bottom line!

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