Call Center Seat Leasing


We offer a unique BPO Consulting service called Seat Leasing

The mission of outsourcing firms is to provide the best service at the most affordable cost. However, satisfaction from the customer’s end must be guaranteed. The satisfaction will be achieved through the quality of service outsourcing dealers provide. By targeting on the background of the customer, you can characterize your services on quality, not just price. Seat leasing doesn’t require you to spend a fortune. Professional seat leasing offers you the same quality service you would receive from hiring in-house specialists at a fraction of the cost.

What’s included

CCTV Cameras

Safety of the employees and clients in our building receives top priority.


Want to make sure that your employees are coming and leaving on time? Make use of our biometrics system.

Work Stations

Each work station is equipped with comfortable chairs, LCD monitors, and computers.

Training Facility

Our building has a spacious training room complete with whiteboard and LCD projector.

Highspeed Internet

We have one of the fastest internet connections in the area.

Hardware Maintenance

We are staffed with professional personnel in giving support and assistance to employees and to the business.

What’s not included


Due to sharing and germs we do not provide the headsets. We suggest USB headsets from Logitech or Plantronics.


Supply your own server hardware and we’ll install the dialer software. We suggest i7 processor, 8gb to 16gb of RAM, two network cards, and a 1tb hard drive. Estimated price 27,000 peso.


Create your own account with a VOIP provider. You can use our current providers or one of your choosing.


High Quality Service

We are one of the leading call center seat leasing providers in our area. We have heavily invested in our building, IT facility, and call center area.


We are located at the heart of Clark Freeport Zone, where different establishments like malls, restaurants, golf courses, and industrial offices are situated.

Professional Staff

Our building boasts our administrative management staff and IT professionals who assure you the smoothest operating infrastructure.


The price is right! You will find it hard to find a company who offers a seat leasing service for a very affordable price but US!

Monthly or Long Term

Contract terms are for 1 year but we can also accommodate short term and seasonal campaigns. A two month deposit is collected for all accounts.

Price Break One

  • 5 – 10 seats

Price Break Two

  • 10 – 20 seats

Price Break Three

  • 20+ Seats


Do you have an exciting project for us? Feel free to leave some background information about your project so we can gain insight, on how we can further assist you.

PH : +63-947-278-3802 | US: 1-910-795 2888


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