Why Social Media is Important for Your Business


Why Social Media is Important for Your Business

Social media is one of the most effective marketing platforms that businesses are using. As of November 2016, Facebook — the most popular social networking site — has a whopping 1.79 billion users, and 1.18 of those users view their profiles daily. Other social networking sites such as Twitter and YouTube have 317 million and 1 billion users, respectively.

With such large coverage, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs utilize this platform with the purpose of finding and interacting with their clients and prospects. Overall, a business that has social media pages earn more profit compared to their not-so-social counterparts.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise considering the consumer’s desire for accessibility and convenience. Today, we will give you the 5 reasons why social media is important for your business.

Reason 1: Respond to complaints faster

Back then, when customers want to complain about the service they received from a business, they’ll have to do it on review websites or email the company right away. Nowadays, while review sites are still popular, people are more likely to post about their experience on social media.

Take Twitter, for example. Say a customer bought a bouquet of flowers from a local shop and realized that the flowers delivered to them were withered and filled with bugs, they’d probably take a photo of it and post it on the website while mentioning the business that delivered the unsatisfactory product. The Business owner would then respond to the customer by mentioning them and providing a way to resolve the issue. The faster you respond to complaints, the more satisfied your customers will be.

Reason 2: Monitor your competition

By having a social media profile, you will be able to watch your competitors and the strategies they employ. You obviously don’t want to give your competitors an edge over your brand, so the best way to try and get ahead is by matching their promos and deals.

Reason 3: Generate more sales

Did you know that about 50% of social media users buy products that are advertised or otherwise recommended to them via social media? Having an online presence makes your brand a lot more visible, and by advertising your list of products and services on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, you’ll gather more attention and you can gain more clients by doing so.

Having an ecommerce website is good, but without a good marketing campaign, you’ll find it difficult to generate sales online. Customers from distant cities (and countries) can purchase your products as well.

Reason 4: Target the right people

why-social-media-is-important-for-your-business3There are many online marketing strategies out there, and targeted marketing is one of them. Basically, targeted ads are meant to reach the people who are more likely to buy your products by taking their likes and interests into account.

Whenever users “like” something online, or whenever they buy an item from a website, sites like Facebook can track them and by doing so, they can see ads that correspond to their purchase history.

Reason 5: Get noticed

No matter what industry you’re in, competition will always be tight. Getting people’s attention is surprisingly difficult. With the help of social media, you have a (mostly) free way to get noticed. By posting funny photos, announcing discounts, and promoting new products, people will find out about your business and you will have a chance to grab their attention.

Why is social media important? In today’s society, people are just as active online as they are in real life. A good entrepreneur won’t let any sales opportunity slip away, and by using this popular platform, businesses can pave their way to growth and success.