As the BPO industry continues to grow in the Philippines the supply of office space is not keeping up with the demand. The construction of new buildings here takes a little longer than we are used to back home so we looked at alternatives that could give us an edge in dominating the rapidly increasing workshare market.

Workshare basically means that we provide a beautifully designed workspace that is complete with furniture, workstations and internet for other businesses to operate out of. This turn-key solution to the lack of available office space in Clark Freeport Zone is extremely popular with startups and other creative new companies looking to expand.

After reading some articles on Warehouse Adaptive Reuse, I was extremely impressed with not only the idea of transforming old warehouses into modern businesses but also how awesome they looked. This new trend was taking the world by storm but was not yet being practiced in the Philippines. Our business process outsourcing (BPO) company ClarkOutsourcing changed all of that by purchasing an old beat down warehouse in Philexcel business complex located on Clark and completing a full makeover.

The once completely hollowed out 1000 sqm warehouse is now completely full with workspace desks and chairs but still maintains that industrial look. Rather than sectioning off the warehouse and creating a bunch of offices we decided to go with an open floor plan that is sure to create that synergy atmosphere proven to keep everyone motivated and the most productive.

In addition to the cool design and welcoming work environment we have also added a large 100 sqm lounge area filled with bean bags along with a small cafeteria for employees to enjoy and truly wind-down during their break hours. This innovative work environment is a completely new concept in the Philippines workforce but the word is getting out quickly to how stress-free and just flat out cool it is to be apart of.

As we expanded our business into the workshare industry there was a great need for adding additional seats in as little time as possible. The difficulty of finding land and the timely process of creating a new building was definitely not going to be an option so we looked for new ways to creating office space. This old warehouse has been transformed to a 500 seat (BPO) office in just a matter of months.

This new project is already turning out to be extremely successful as companies worldwide and local employees are lining up to be apart of this one-of-a-kind work environment. As we pave the way for introducing the brooklyn style warehouse renovation trend to the Philippines we are excited to see what is in store for the thousands of other outdated warehouses around the country.

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