A Guide to Your Pre-Employment Requirements this 2022

October 7, 2021

A Guide to Your Pre-Employment Requirements

Pre-work requirements vary from country to country, some more extensive than others. In the Philippines, there are a base set of requirements that each employer looks for, whether or not they ask for additional requirements is up to them. All working professionals are used to gathering these documents up every time they get hired at a new place, but for those fresh graduates, or those who just need a refresher course, this guide aims to clear up the documents needed, and hopefully how to acquire them.

Birth Certificate

You’re going to need a copy of your birth certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), formerly known as the National Statistics Office (NSO). If you go to an office it can possibly take all day to wait in line and get one (most SM malls will have an office located inside). Luckily, you can order your birth certificate online at psahelpline.ph and have it delivered to you. You’re going to have to pay for either option, but at least one of them can be done from your home and saves you a considerable amount of time.


For almost all jobs, you will need to present 2 valid IDs. The following is a list of all accepted forms of identification.

  • Passport
  • SSS UMID Card
  • Driver’s License
  • PhilHealth ID
  • Tax Identification Number ID (TIN ID)
  • Postal ID

Take note that some of these are free to obtain if it is your first job. Everything on this list will take time to acquire and you should be prepared to be in lines for a considerable amount of time. The SSS UMID card is free if you’ve paid less than a month’s worth of SSS contributions or have never owned one before, meaning fresh graduates and people employed less than a month can get it for free. You will have to turn in the application and pick up the card in person.

While not an official ID, a majority of workplaces require small pictures, either 1×1 or 2×2 in size. Most notably you need to be wearing business attire and you will need to bring in multiple copies (most places ask for 2).

NBI Clearance

The clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation is needed by all employers as a way to check your background. This means they will know if you have a criminal record. Getting your clearance is now easier than ever through their online portal. The steps necessary to apply for your first clearance are written down there and if you need to renew your clearance, you can do all of that online and have it sent to your home.

SSS (E1/E4)

All employees in the Philippines are required to be part of the Social Security System. For those who are getting their first job, you’ll need to fill out and submit an E1 form, and applying online on their website is the fastest way to do this. For people who need to change information, you will need to file an E4 form. This change of information includes changing your place of work. Some of the processes will require you to visit your nearest SSS branch.


Pag-Ibig membership, like SSS, is mandatory for all legal working employees. You can apply for it easily at pagibigfundservices.com. Do note that it might take at least 2 days before your application is processed. You can also get the membership ID by visiting your closest Pag-Ibig office. This ID functions as one of the two valid identifications needed.

Pre-employment requirements 2022


You need to sign up for a Philippine Health Insurance Corporation membership (PhilHealth) in order for your new company to sign you up for medical benefits. You can go to your nearest PhilHealth Office and sign up in person. You’ll fill out an M1a Form and when you’re finished you will get a PhilHealth ID card.

TIN/Tax Forms

Some companies will apply for you, especially if you don’t have a Tax Identification Number (TIN) yet. For first-time applicants, you just need to fill out BIR Form 1902. For those who are transferring jobs, you will need to submit a 2316 Form.

In the rare case that you have to get it by yourself, you still need to fill out the proper forms but you can’t go to any office. You need to contact your new company’s HR department and find out which Revenue District Office (RDO) your company does business with, as this is where you will need to go. You can also get a TIN ID here as long as you have the proper BIR form, a valid form of ID, and an NSO Birth Certificate.


For fresh graduates, it is important to have evidence that you actually finished your course. With no prior work experience, this is the document that proves you can do certain tasks. To get a Transcript of Records (TOR) or diploma (usually you only need a TOR), all you need to do is visit your school’s registrar, fill out the proper documentation, then wait an allotted period of time to receive your TOR.

Medical Requirements

Some offices also require a medical exam. This is to prove that you’re fit for work. Some places will ask for more extensive tests, including a drug test. Each workplace will ask for varying things, but the base medical exam is required. If you go to a clinic and ask for pre-work clearance, the help desk will let you know everything that needs to be done. Some places offer same-day results while others require you to come back at a later date.

Wrap Up

Getting all of your required documents is important as some places won’t let you start until they’re complete. It is ideal to have them all before you sign a job offer letter or a contract, but oftentimes you can just hand them in on your first day. Usually, you are given 10 days to gather them all, but you have to check with the HR department to see what their rules are.