How Clark Outsourcing Staff Adapts to the New Normal

April 12, 2021

adapting to the new normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries in one way or another. At Clark Outsourcing, the night of the evacuation was a hectic dash to get staff home safely with their PCs. Anyone in the building will tell you that everyone made it home safe and sound but the process was not pretty. Since then, CO has created protocols for such events and is better prepared in case another evacuation is needed. Although everything has stabilized, the staff at Clark Outsourcing is still adapting to the “new normal” that COVID has caused.

Getting used to the mask 

Everyone in the office has adapted to wearing a face mask in order to minimize risk. Part of the new normal is not being able to see what your coworker looks like below the eyes and this has gotten to the point where no one questions it. Some of the staff are relieved because according to them, “I don’t have to wear lipstick/tint or blush anymore.” So on the bright side, some morning routines have been cut down a couple of steps due to the facemasks.

Safer commuting practices

For the most part, traveling to and from the office is the same for all staff with a car. Those who take public transportation just wear a face mask and a face shield along with sitting farther apart from people on the jeep. Another upside to COVID happening is that CO got a coaster in order to shuttle staff to and from the office. This has allowed the employees who commute to be on time every single day as well as the added bonus of cutting some travel costs.

Staying productive in the workplace

From the staff asked, the most common way to cope is to stay busy. At work, this means staying focused on the tasks at hand. Many CO employees get to work and dig in for the day. Aside from being able to accomplish all tasks on time or even finishing way before the project is due, this has allowed many people to keep their minds busy enough to go along with the new normal instead of stressing out about how much things have changed. One unforeseen benefit of working from an office as opposed to working from home is the social aspect. There’s no feeling of isolation and loneliness when you work in an office filled with your peers.

Staying occupied while outside the office

Outside of work, people are focusing on their hobbies to stay occupied. For CO, the most commonly reported hobbies to help stay busy were reading, gaming, and doing chores. Socializing, whether it be online or in-person has helped keep staff mentally healthy. Reading books, fiction or nonfiction has also helped in this regard, as well as it stops people from being idle and spiraling downward from nostalgia to regret. 

Staying safe and healthy is the new normal

During the start of the pandemic, everyone was scared, no one knew what was going on or what they were dealing with, fast forward a year and everyone is settling into the new normal and everyone is taking each day as it comes. Staying occupied, keeping mentally healthy, as well as following all health protocols to avoid getting sick have been the main ways Clark Outsourcing staff have been able to keep their spirits up during this time.