How To Utilize LinkedIn To Pump Up Your 2022 Professional Online Profile

May 4, 2021

How To Utilize LinkedIn To Pump Up Your Professional Online Profile

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, having an online presence is becoming a necessity in order to stay competitive in the business world. This also translates to professionals as well, it makes companies aware of your presence. As of November 2021, LinkedIn has over 756 million users in over 200 countries worldwide. Getting attention on LinkedIn might seem daunting but it’s not that complicated, it just involves a bit of work. With all the users, both individuals and companies on the platform, it’s a great hub area to build your professional brand. With the following tips, LinkedIn will become the platform to promote your brand.

Update, Update, Update

It’s written 3 times because it’s important. Keeping your professional profile up to date is key when trying to be noticed by companies and recruiters. If your last update was in 2019, chances are you’re going to be overlooked, you also won’t show up high on the search results. Update it with content, add new skills as you become proficient, have discussions based on articles relevant to your interests. The trick to this is to stay away from topics that are highly controversial or involve any sort of discrimination. Things like politics and religion should generally be avoided on your professional social media page due to their volatile nature and how fast arguments can get out of hand. You don’t want a flame war on your professional LinkedIn page, where recruiters can see all the comments.

Keep It Professional

You are again using LinkedIn to promote your brand in a professional manner. You want to be as respectful in your posts and comments as you can. If you disagree with someone, start a discussion, not a fight, sharing your opinion then asking why the other person feels the way they do is a good way to get a discussion going. Never go after someone personally even if you’re offended, it’s going to hurt you more in the long run. 

If you want to use a nickname all your friends know you by, keep it on Facebook. Use your legal name, for the most part, you want to be as precise as possible on your page. Recruiters don’t want to shift through an entire page of fluff to get to the details they’re looking for.

Should go without saying but here it is anyway: don’t lie on your LinkedIn. Everything on there can be fact-checked easily. You don’t want to say you worked as a marketing manager at Google or even at a smaller company because the truth is an email or a call away.

Separate Professional And Personal Accounts

While not directly a tip to make your LinkedIn better, make sure you separate your work and social life even online. If on LinkedIn you’re as professional and courteous as can be, but on your public Facebook you’re talking about how hard you partied last weekend and who you slept with and a recruiter decides to Google your name and sees it, all your work on LinkedIn would be wasted. For all your social media pages that don’t cater to your professional brand, make sure that you have them set to private or friends only. 

Complement Your Resume

Make your page complement your CV/Resume. You shouldn’t use your page as a resume as you still need one when you apply the traditional way. Having your page work as an addition to your resume means that you get to add a lot more detail. The details that wouldn’t fit on your resume can now be written, feel free to list all major achievements and awards. If you have a portfolio or anything else to share, make sure to link it on your page as well. Your LinkedIn is a professional reflection of you, your CV sells all your skills. Having said this, make sure to include keywords on your page to ensure that you come up when those words are searched. These keywords are usually skills required in whatever profession you’re in. For example, if you’re an SEO Specialist you might want to write down things like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, managed SEO campaigns, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, DeepCrawl, etc. 

Build Your Network

By having like-minded professionals in your contacts, you can easily produce content and have meaningful engagements on your page. This makes it easier for you to be seen as your page is more active and there are thoughtful posts and debates right on your page.

Networking with the right people can also expedite your job search. Reach out to the right people and build a relationship, in the event that they have an opportunity, your relationship could mean you getting an offer. In that case, you no longer have to chase jobs down, they’ll be coming to you. This is your chance to mingle with people you wouldn’t normally have access to, make the most of it. 

Change Settings

If you’re looking for a job, there is a setting you need to change on your page that will allow recruiters to see your page when they search for certain keywords. To change this, click on “me”, then “View Profile”, once on the page there is a blue “Open to” dropdown, click on that then click “Finding a new job”. You’re all set to having your account appear on recruiter searches now. Hopefully, you spruced up your profile by this point so it impresses all your viewers. While still on the topic of making changes, you now have the option to put your LinkedIn profile on your email signature. In the event that you’re sending out resumes or communicating with colleagues, you have a chance of more views and engagements by putting your link there.


Having a spruced-up LinkedIn makes your own brand stand out. It’s your access to all sorts of different people, people who can teach you, recruiters, businessmen. As a professional networking platform, it’s your chance to put yourself out there, in front of an audience you otherwise wouldn’t be able to present to. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, so take the first step and go update your page.