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The Clark Way

Our Proven Process: Clark Staff 4-Step Approach

Our recruitment process starts with understanding your business’s staffing requirements, and then we search through our extensive pool of resumes to identify appropriate candidates. Our process is tailored to support the growth of your business, regardless of its current stage.

Staffing, Consultation, and Calibration

Recruitment, Interviews, and Selection

Staff Onboarding

Ongoing support of the Clark Staff support team.

Together with this formula can put the next generation on the best road to success.

For every staff you hire with us, you help put 1 Filipino child through school.

We have 4 services to choose from

Let us know which one best fits your needs.

Remote Staffing

We’ll manage all Human Resource and IT requirements so you can focus on what’s truly important.

Seat Leasing

We provide all the necessities for those who have a fully assembled team but no infrastructure yet for your team to work successfully.

Build Operate Transfer

If you have a business idea in mind, this business model has us building, operating, and transferring over the business to you.


This service covers your needs from customer service on holidays to videos that need editing.

If We Are The Right Fit, Great – If We Aren’t, We’ll Point You In The Right Direction – How It Should Be

We'd Love To Hear About What You Envisioned!

Biggest Loser

The more weight you lose, the bigger your chances of winning!
We’re excited to share that the registration for Clark Outsourcing’s Biggest Loser Challenge is opening once again. Say goodbye to your old habits and hello to a healthier, happier you by joining our 3-month long activity starting March 22, 2023!
You can also get exclusive monthly care packages once you join us!