Environmental, Social, and Corporate
Governance (ESG) Initiatives

ESG Initiatives

Our company’s environmental, social, and governance investment goals benefit society, which in turn benefit our employees and clients. Our target to minimize carbon footprint, and equal treatment to all our employees will help achieve our ESG initiatives.

Building Towards A Better Future

  • Clark Outsourcing is committed to the investment of the future
  • CO Stars is a program created to benefit the children of the Philippines
  • We believe that we also need to take a firm stance on creating an environment that will sustain future generations

Environmental Changes


Clark Outsourcing is taking steps to reduce carbon footprint

Social Changes

Working with the community for a brighter future


CO Stars is one of our community outreach programs


Clark Outsourcing clubs help the community by doing community service


Investing in the well-being of our staff

Governance Changes

Shaking up traditional leadership and workplace relationships

Open door policy


Open communication

Ingraining ESG in our Culture

The concept of ESG is relatively new in the Philippines. Nonetheless, we implement ESG in our company culture for the betterment of everyone’s future. From the reduction of our carbon footprint and to the integration of equal labor rights, these changes will have a lasting impact on the world.

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