The WHY to Your Questions

Clark Outsourcing

Zack began in the mortgage industry while Russell got his foot in the door through the security industry. They both learned how to utilize, build, and manage remote staff using outsourcing companies from all over the globe.

  • Florida, Arizona, California, Texas, North Carolina
  • El Salvador
  • Mexico
  • Romania
  • Philippines
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • London
  • Melbourne


Clark Outsourcing has over 60 years of collective experience within its upper management ranks in building, managing, and growing remote staff worldwide.

Clark Outsourcing started with our Founders (Russell Meiselman & Zack Williamson) and their journey of frustration due to being let down by outsourcing companies they partnered with.

The struggles they faced while working with outsourcing companies helped lay the foundation for our culture and is the main reason to WHY we exist today.

A majority of outsourcing companies promise a turn-key service, oversell the results, and ultimately underdeliver. Russell and Zack had many experiences like this and were forced to fly out to these locations to train, establish processes, and ultimately manage these outsourcing companies while still paying the premium.

They took matters into their own hands in 2013 when they teamed up and started a BPO company in the Philippines. They decided that in a world filled with disappointing BPOs, they’d separate themselves by being a transparent and honest company that works with their partners and guides them to success when working with remote staff.

What sets us apart


We believe our Remote Staffing service is ground-breaking for the outsourcing and remote staffing space, that being said, we still price 10-20% cheaper than a lot of our competitors.


Our goal is simple. Help bring highly skilled resources previously only utilized by large firms and the Fortune 500 to small and mid-sized companies. As your partner, our team will fully immerse themselves in your culture, brand identity, and systems, in order to show our commitment.


We realize that individuals all differ from one another and because of this, we provide business solutions created for you. Regardless of whether you have one staff or hundreds, our level of service will not waver. We are an American-owned and operated BPO company in the Philippines, and this matters immensely as we uphold the western standard of business. We understand your expectations are and know what is required to truly scale your business because we’ve been in your shoes before.


We have the newest and most efficient cloud-based infrastructure, servers, fiber optic lines, multiple carriers, task and project management, dialer systems, CRMs, data security systems, redundant backup systems, and much more.

If we are the right fit, great – if we aren’t, we’ll point you in the right direction – how it should be

We'd love to hear about what you envisioned!

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