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We provide architectural outsourcing solutions for different sized companies

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We’re your one-stop-shop for all sectors of architectural outsourcing. From architectural designers all the way to building information modeling, we have qualified candidates at different experience levels for you to choose from.

    Computer-aided design software or CAD, has improved over the years. Today, architects can be anywhere in the world and still complete designs for their clients.

    Have a quick look at some common architectural roles we regularly provide here at Clark Outsourcing!

    You can count on us to find you the best fitting candidates in a cost-effective manner. For special hirings, we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you need and report our progress back to you.

    With such a high number of architectural software being produced and updated, a majority of the design process can be done from anywhere in the world, this allows you to hire remote staff and save time and money. Since CAD files can be sent digitally or stored in the cloud, Architects can work from anywhere in the world and still turn in their work. Even team chat applications have improved over the years, some even let you send large files through them. Architecture outsourcing solutions have become a real alternative to hiring onshore, especially in terms of cost effectiveness.

    As far as their schedules go, you can assign them to work any shift you want. If they can work autonomously then you can have them on a different shift than your in office staff.

    In terms of oversight on our end, you will have an account manager in addition to coaches who will oversee your remote staffs’ progress. Our HR and IT team will take care of the administrative and tech aspects so you can focus solely on the daily management of the team.

    3D Architectural Designers

    Whether it’s in the office or working remotely, not much changes with this position. As many people are collaborating online now a days anyway, remote staffing gives you the ability to bring your bottom line up without sacrificing quality. The applicants to this position will include architectural graduates and depending on the salary being offered will attract people of different experience levels. Simply stating you need someone with a CAD background will net you a wide range of professionals, so if you want something specific, make sure to inform us so we can look for it.

    The training for this position will be specific as they need to cater to your needs. In the event that you don’t want to train, you need to keep in mind that more experienced professionals will ask for a higher salary.

    3D Renderers

    With all of the communication technology and cloud storage files can easily be shared online securely, making 3D rendering jobs available to people even outside of your country. The applicants here will include architectural graduates who have experience with 3D modeling and texturing. If you aren’t picky with what kind of industry your candidates are from, you can get people from the gaming, film, and telelevision industry.

    The tools you use, coupled with the requirements prior to recruitment will determine your training time. If the person you recruit is familiar with all aspects of your workflow and tools, they can get right into producing deliverables for you. If you opt to pick someone you feel would fit into your company long-term over someone with more experience, the recruitment time can be drastically reduced.

    AutoCAD Operator

    This position refers to any position where the main tool being used is a CAD-style tool. As this is the case, any applicants you get will act as “plug-and-play”. Generally speaking, the more experienced CAD operators would have prior experience working for clients in other countries, which may lead to them already being familiar with your processes, which in turn speeds up the training period.

    The software-specific training isn’t a big deal in this position as experienced CAD operators will know how to use different software already. Generally, with these positions the skills aren’t a problem, being onboarded properly is necessary in order for long-term retention. Giving remote staff a feeling of inclusion goes a long way to keep them working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) Operator

    Software such as ArchiCAD and Revit will be included on all the resumes of the candidates for these architectural outsourcing solutions. The vast majority of CVs and resumes you see will be will have at least 1 year of experience working as a remote staff for a foreign client. This expedites the training process considerably as you won’t have to start from scratch. This however doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a proper training period, as your processes may include company-specific items which they may not be familiar with. In addition to their experience, all your applicants will have a bachelor’s degree in architecture.

    BIM software allows teams from anywhere in the world to collaborate easily, but this doesn’t mean you should forego a team chat application. Having a sense of community is important when trying to retain staff for long periods of time. Retention of remote staff is important as you don’t want to start from scratch every so often. With tenured staff the workflow becomes easier and bringing on new staff is simplified as you no longer need to be a part of the training, you can assign a tenured staff to take over that process.

    Landscape Designer

    As with all other remote jobs, technology has enabled certain jobs to be done from anywhere, landscape designers are no exception. While cloud storage allows for drafts, pictures, and videos to be sent to and from staff, to clients, back to you, your workflow won’t see any downtime with a remote designer. The need to go to an actual construction site is lessened with the use of drone footage, which can also be uploaded and shared. Your candidates will all be bachelor’s degree holders and a majority of them will have a background doing design work for foreign clients.

    For training, you will mostly need to work on your company’s processes. If you use proprietary software or something more niche, you will also have to train that. Generally speaking, most candidates that make it to your interview will know the exact software you will be using.

    Retail Space Designers

    As with all remote staffing jobs, communication and coordination are of utmost importance. Using the proper communication channels and tools will allow for the seamless completion of tasks. All applicants will be bachelor’s degree holders and many of them will have multiple years of experience in the field, whether it be remote work or local.

    In regards to training your remote designers, it will mainly be process-focused. With some experience under their belts, you may have to teach them how to design in your style, but that shouldn’t take up too much time. As with other remote jobs, a well-done onboarding will go a long way to retaining the staff.

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