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Leverage our remote staffing solutions to enhance your architectural projects. We connect you with top-tier professionals skilled in 3D design, CAD operations, and landscape architecture, among others. Our approach focuses on optimizing efficiency and reducing costs by integrating global expertise into your projects.

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    Computer-aided design software or CAD, has improved over the years. Today, architects can be anywhere in the world and still complete designs for their clients.

    Have a quick look at some common architectural roles we regularly provide here at Clark Outsourcing!

    You can count on us to find you the best fitting candidates in a cost-effective manner. For special hirings, we’ll work with you to figure out exactly what you need and report our progress back to you.

    With such a high number of architectural software being produced and updated, a majority of the design process can be done from anywhere in the world, this allows you to hire remote staff and save time and money. Since CAD files can be sent digitally or stored in the cloud, Architects can work from anywhere in the world and still turn in their work. Even team chat applications have improved over the years, some even let you send large files through them. Architecture outsourcing solutions have become a real alternative to hiring onshore, especially in terms of cost effectiveness.

    As far as their schedules go, you can assign them to work any shift you want. If they can work autonomously then you can have them on a different shift than your in office staff.

    In terms of oversight on our end, you will have an account manager in addition to coaches who will oversee your remote staffs’ progress. Our HR and IT team will take care of the administrative and tech aspects so you can focus solely on the daily management of the team.

    The tools you use, coupled with the requirements prior to recruitment will determine your training time. If the person you recruit is familiar with all aspects of your workflow and tools, they can get right into producing deliverables for you. If you opt to pick someone you feel would fit into your company long-term over someone with more experience, the recruitment time can be drastically reduced.

    The software-specific training isn’t a big deal in this position as experienced CAD operators will know how to use different software already. Generally, with these positions the skills aren’t a problem, being onboarded properly is necessary in order for long-term retention. Giving remote staff a feeling of inclusion goes a long way to keep them working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    For training, you will mostly need to work on your company’s processes. If you use proprietary software or something more niche, you will also have to train that. Generally speaking, most candidates that make it to your interview will know the exact software you will be using.

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