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Enhance your healthcare services with our expert medical outsourcing. Located in the Philippines, a top destination for qualified medical professionals, we quickly fill roles from EMR management to virtual nursing.

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    Medical Outsourcing Roles

    We specialize in providing critical medical roles that streamline healthcare operations. With access to a vast pool of highly qualified medical professionals in the Philippines, known for their English proficiency and medical expertise, we offer efficient and cost-effective medical outsourcing solutions. Our rapid staffing capability allows us to fill various essential positions swiftly:

    We expedite the recruitment process and adapt seamlessly to your operational needs, ensuring high-quality communication using modern platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Whether operating from our facilities or remotely, our staff is supported by robust management and oversight, guaranteeing high performance and security across all medical functions.

    In terms of training, learning to use a cloud-based phone system shouldn’t take long and the processes they need to learn will take up a bulk of the training period. In the event that you don’t need a permanent assistant and want something more seasonal, hourly, or project-based we offer that as well.

    This position has one of the easiest mechanics for a remote job. You can send your staff voice recordings or documents that you need transcribed through cloud storage and then they can pull them out and begin their work. Your staff can transcribe using any application you choose. If you want to keep everything online you can use Google Documents and the entire Google Suite to transfer work.

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