Medical Outsourcing

Medical Outsourcing

Hire your own dedicated medical professionals for positions such as a virtual assistant biller.

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As the Philippines is the #1 destination for medical outsourcing and remote staffing, we can fill almost any medical-related position in record time. There is a surplus of qualified registered nurses that can help grow your business. In addition to a large number of qualified personnel, the low cost of labor also means you get quality work at a fraction of the cost.

    Hiring freelancers can be a hit or miss depending on the person. Clark Outsourcing is committed to helping you outsource your backend needs in order to save you time and energy. We handle the administrative side of things, so you can focus on what’s really important.

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    We provide some of the best candidates for you to choose from, all at a cost-effective price. Remote medical staff such as virtual assistant billers are indispensable as they allow front-line medical professionals to continue their jobs without worrying about the backend tasks associated. 

    As the staff won’t be physically present in your building, communication is of the utmost importance. Team chat applications will be your main avenue of communication and email can be reserved for formal messages. Organizational tools such as Monday or Trello work wonders as it helps keep everyone on the same page and makes task delegation simple.

    You will have full control over the scheduling of your staff. That being said, most medical-related remote jobs work in the same timezone as the host country. For those positions who don’t need to be working during normal working hours, putting them on that schedule will give the added bonus of being able to do a live conference call.

    You won’t have to worry about the administrative or IT side of things, as we take care of all of that in order to let you focus on the tasks that are really important. Whether you have 1 staff or 100, we provide you the same level of support when you partner with us.

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management

    As all EMR managers come with a medical background, the majority of CVs and resume’s you will see will include a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Prior working experiences will include other medical record management positions. Application experiences will include the Microsoft Suite, the Google Suite, and other EMR systems. Your shortlist will include people with high attention to detail and analytical skills.

    As the records are stored online, this job is perfect for remote staff. The specific process your company uses should be taught to your remote staff in order to avoid any sort of legal trouble or major errors that may occur.

    Medical Assistant

    Medical assistants also called virtual or executive assistants, help with any administrative tasks and will also do ad-hoc tasks. This includes taking calls from doctors, patients, insurance companies, and handling all medical documents. All applicants will have bachelor’s degrees in nursing or a related medical field and they will predominantly have prior experience. All of the candidates will have excellent English communication skills, both written and verbal.

    In terms of training, learning to use a cloud-based phone system shouldn’t take long and the processes they need to learn will take up a bulk of the training period. In the event that you don’t need a permanent assistant and want something more seasonal, hourly, or project-based we offer that as well.

    Pharmacy And Insurance Liaison

    The applicants for this position will have a bachelor’s degree related to the medical field, whether it be nursing or pharmacy, they will be qualified for the position. You will see applicants who are fresh graduates from college, professionals with experience with local medical jobs, and finally those who have experience working with overseas clients.

    In terms of training, your remote staff will need to get used to using a cloud-based dialer or whatever technologies you elect to use. The processes your company uses are more important to train in order to avoid any sort of discrepancies that may otherwise occur. Communication is critical in remote positions, and in the case of a front-facing position where your staff member will be communicating with the pharmacy, insurance, and client for the majority of their shift, making sure your instructions for the day are clear and well-received before they get to work, will determine their success for that day.


    Applicants for this job will mostly consist of people with prior experience with transcription-style jobs. A majority of your candidates that make it through the screening process will have the ability to type quickly, accurately, and have a good command of the English language. Medical terminology is typically a prerequisite for the job but in the event that you are willing to train your staff, you can offer a lower starting salary.

    This position has one of the easiest mechanics for a remote job. You can send your staff voice recordings or documents that you need transcribed through cloud storage and then they can pull them out and begin their work. Your staff can transcribe using any application you choose. If you want to keep everything online you can use Google Documents and the entire Google Suite to transfer work.

    Virtual Nurse

    All applicants to this position will have at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing. You may get applicants who have worked in clinics and hospitals who still want to be part of the medical field but without the pace of hospital work. In the Philippines, many nurses have moved into the remote staffing industry meaning there is a surplus of qualified professionals just waiting to help your business grow.

    This position was made to be done from remote locations. As long as you properly train your remote staff, the work can be done without any mistakes. You can elect to use any sort of technology for your virtual nurses, if you only want them to take phone calls that can be an option, video calls could also work, it all depends on how you want to set it up. Training time for either will depend on any prior experience of your chosen staff. Virtual nurses allow doctors to see more at-risk patients first, as they will handle all of the non-life-threatening cases.

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