Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced Accounting

We provide the best candidates for you to choose from, all at competitive rates. An accounting team is necessary for every business, even if you only require a single staff member to start, we’re sure we can find you the right person for the job. From an experienced bookkeeper to a certified public accountant, we can find qualified and compatible people to help grow your business.

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    Have a quick look at the outsourced accounting jobs that we regularly provide here at Clark Outsourcing!

    We provide the best candidates for you to choose from, all at competitive rates. An accounting team is necessary for every business, even if you only require a single staff member to start, we’re sure we can find you the right person for the job. From an experienced bookkeeper to a certified public accountant, we can find qualified and compatible people to help grow your business.

    With all of the accounting software readily available nowadays, having remote accounting jobs done by someone halfway across the world is more than a possibility, it’s a reality that is saving thousands of dollars for businesses worldwide. There will be an adjustment period as the point of contact for the remote staff will have to get used to communicating through the use of team chats. This actually increases the communication levels as real-world barriers such as office walls don’t exist online. Alternatively, text apps, emails, and more mobile-focused applications can be used to communicate.

    Your accounting staff can work any schedule you put them on. This counts for both full-time staff as well as any seasonal or project-based employees you also hire. “Live” communications work best with remote staff, this also counts for chats, as being able to go back and forth with someone allows for clearer instructions.

    In terms of training, some jobs may require region-specific training, specifically with laws regarding certain financial transactions/recordings. In the event that you’d be more comfortable with a candidate with experience working in a certain region, you can always ask for that before the recruitment phase. Any specific software or tools used on the job should be listed as requirements so the training phase is as short as possible.

    When partnered with us, you won’t have to worry about the administrative side of having staff, unless of course, you avail our seat leasing service. Our HR team will take care of everything administrative-wise so you can focus on managing the day-to-day of your team. You or whomever you elect as your point of contact will receive updates regarding your team and any other key information you might need to know. On occasion, you or the point of contact will be asked to clear certain requests.

    Accounts Receivable

    Applicants for this job will almost be identical to the accounts payable applicants with obviously a specialization in the accounts receivable part of a balance sheet. Most applicants will have at least a year of experience and depending on your requirements, recruitment can filter out people with less than a certain amount of working experience. Speaking of work experience, most applicants will have worked in remote staffing positions for clients all around the world, in the event that you need someone who’s worked with a country’s specific accounting rules or processes please notify us as we can narrow down the search to people with this experience. Work-wise, your remote accounts receivable staff will operate like all your other staff, with the exception that communications with them will only be online and through chat applications.

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts payable applicants will have a wide scope of experience. Some of them may have prior experience with outsourced accounting jobs while some of them will only have experience with local firms and are just trying to break into the remote outsourcing scene. All applicants will have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but depending on factors such as the salary and shift there may or may not be CPAs applying as well. Their exposure to certain software will vary, so in the event that you require experience with specific software, please make sure to inform us, that way we can search for candidates who line up with your specifications.


    Collections agents are the bridge that connects the accounting department with the customers. This position is more along the lines of customer service but it touches on the financial aspects of the business as well. A majority of the people applying to these positions will have degrees, but as the position is classified as an entry-level position, the degrees may or may not be related to finance at all. More importantly, the people applying to this position will be split between people with experience and people looking to break into the outsourcing/remote staffing industry.

    Essentially the only tools that are needed for this position to function would be a dialer and access to customer details, specifically the details of those who have debt. Something like an Excel or Google Sheet is enough to fill this role.


    Bookkeepers will have a wide range of job experience on their CVs/resumes. They may have experience in the remote staffing industry, purely local firms, or a mix of both, in addition, they may have specialized jobs at some companies, such as accounts receivable/payable but then graduated to doing general bookkeeping and maybe even payroll.

    This position can easily function remotely as the tools they need to do their jobs are all online, from the accounting software all the way to the communication tools you elect to use to contact them. In addition, you will have additional oversight in the form of an account manager and coaches, all of whom will give you updates on your staff.

    General Accounting

    All general accounting applicants will hold a bachelor’s or masters in accounting. The people that make it through the screening process will have at least a couple years of experience working in related fields, however some may not have experience working with foreign clients. All the candidates here will have a strong understanding of accounting principles and have excellent communication skills, as they will need to coordinate with others based on their findings.

    Having general accountants working remotely is getting easier with all the advancements in accounting software. You can have someone working halfway around the world and they still have access to pieces of information they would need to accurately do their job. In addition, online conference tools are advancing as well, making it easier to do presentations for clients or just general team meetings.

    External Auditing

    External auditors check for misstatements in client financial statements. The applicants for this position will have a degree in accounting, most of them will also be CPAs as that is a requirement in most countries. Background checks will also be done in order to properly vet candidates, for your peace of mind. Finance software makes reviewing any data easier from remote locations, in combination with team communication apps, you’ll have a highly skilled auditor at a fraction of the cost of getting on onshore or nearshore.

    Payroll And Benefits

    Payroll and benefits officers are critical in all businesses, being able to accurately pay your staff is what keeps the place running smoothly. The candidates given to you here will have prior experience in payroll and benefits roles. As most positions will require knowledge of specific region rules, it is normal to ask for people who have worked for clients in places such as the US, Australia, the UK, etc. 

    Like all of the pervious positions, technology has made it easy for people in remote locations to complete finance related jobs. Even without payroll software, the job can still be completed as long as the necessary data can be shared, spreadsheet applications can be accessed for free and the job can be completed that way.

    Internal Auditing

    Like most accounting positions, people applying to internal auditing positions will have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The vast majority of candidates given to you will have working experience unless you’re willing to train a fresh graduate, whom you would get to pay less compared to someone with 5+ years of experience.

    Having someone assess and report on the different ways to better your company may not seem like the best idea if the person isn’t physically present in the building. With advancements in software and other technologies, accurate and efficient auditing can be done by professionals from anywhere at anytime. Documents can be shared in a secure manner, ensuring that your documents will stay confidential.

    Tax Preparation

    As tax prep is done by CPAs, your candidates will have the appropriate certification. This of course means that they will all be accounting degree holders. We accommodate software-specific requirements in the event that you don’t want to train, but as a note, it always takes longer to find someone who has experience with specific software, especially more niche software.

    Training for this position will mostly be for the tax laws of a certain country. Even if you hire someone who has experience with it, it is always good to have a refresher course. The time invested here will ensure that everything goes smoothly later on. In addition, any software that will be used should be trained, even if it is just a refresher.

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