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Boost your customer service through specialized support, sales, and data entry, we provide skilled teams to enhance your customer interactions efficiently.

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    Core Call Center Roles

    Customer service, sales, data entry, and more are crucial for expanding businesses. At Clark Outsourcing, we quickly mobilize expert teams tailored to your operational needs. Recognized for high English proficiency, the Philippines offers a prime environment for cost-effective call center services. We can staff and prepare teams swiftly—sometimes within days—and our comprehensive roles include:

    We expedite the recruitment process, often filling positions within days, and ensure effective team communication using platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom. Location flexibility allows our remote staff to work across different time zones as required. In our Clark office, our management team including account managers, coaches, and HR staff provides an additional layer of oversight, enhancing security and operational integrity. For remote staff working from home, we offer robust monitoring tools and regular check-ins to maintain high performance and security.

    For your tools or processes, more experienced data entry personnel will adapt quickly, whereas people completely new to the process will require a longer training period. Depending on the priority level of the work or how much training you’re willing to do, will determine the level of data entry you should hire.

    Similar to CSR and TSR teams, smaller teams won’t really need an onsite supervisor as your point of contact will be able to manage them. Bigger groups however will need a manager in order to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

    For any highly experienced sales representatives, you hire, you’ll only really have to worry about product/service training with an additional crash course on your processes. Newer or fresh graduates that you may hire will require more training and generally start off with a script that they eventually will graduate from. The training time of each sales rep is dependent on their ability to pick up the lessons you’re teaching them.

    Training in your business processes is critical for these positions as they are the ones who will be enforcing your vision. If you already have a small team working, it is oftentimes better to promote within that team, as they will already be familiar with the team dynamic and will be able to easily work around any problems that arise.

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