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Need a boost in your customer service department or do you need to ramp up your sales? Our call center services provide a boost to all customer-facing facets of your business.

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    Customer Service Representatives

    Just like in-office customer service representatives (CSR), remote CSR staff have the role of improving customer experience. Voice and non-voice CSR are the two types of customer service agents you will be looking at. Their experience will for the most part look similar, with the exception that voiced agents tend to stick to voice and non-voice usually stick with non-voice options such as live or email chats.

    You get to choose what shifts your remote staff will work. The majority of people applying to these jobs are already used to different time zones and will just need a little bit of time to adjust properly. That being said, if you wanted to cover 24 hours, you could hire 3 staff members and have them all work different shifts to cover all 24 hours. Alternatively, but not suggested, you can have your staff working shifting schedules, where the hours they work shifts every month or so.

    As you will be in charge of your remote staffs’ daily tasks, you will also be able to select the tools they use. Any existing software being used by your team can be used by your remote staff after training is conducted.

    Technical Support Representatives

    Tech support agents or TSRs, have a similar job to CSRs. Their end goal is to troubleshoot customer questions and issues in the shortest time possible. A quick and to-the-point solution to a customer’s problems is another way of improving a customer’s experience, on the other side of that coin, if the tech support is poorly managed it could cascade into a much bigger problem for your company. In a similar fashion to CSR, there are voice and non-voice accounts. Experience-wise, a majority of applicants will have 1-2 years of experience and there will be a couple of applicants, depending on the salary, who will have 2-4 years of experience.

    You have the freedom to choose the schedule your staff will be on. Do take note that shifting schedules tend to cause health problems in workers and if you need to cover multiple timezones, you can always opt to expand your team instead of burning out your current employees.

    The method your staff uses to communicate with your customers is up to you. This will differ depending on the type of tech support you provide, whether it’s in a text chat and emails or through a voice call. Any system you go with, we can accommodate as our IT department will help set it all up.

    Data Entry Specialists

    Data entry agents are sent reports or documents to proofread then input into a database. This job can easily be done by remote staff, as most documents are now digital and databases can easily be accessed around the world as long as you have the right credentials. There is a wide range of people who will apply for these types of roles. Many of them will have experience with the role but others will just be trying to break into it.

    For your tools or processes, more experienced data entry personnel will adapt quickly, whereas people completely new to the process will require a longer training period. Depending on the priority level of the work or how much training you’re willing to do, will determine the level of data entry you should hire.

    Similar to CSR and TSR teams, smaller teams won’t really need an onsite supervisor as your point of contact will be able to manage them. Bigger groups however will need a manager in order to keep everything organized and running smoothly.

    Quality Assurance Specialists

    In order to keep maintain high-quality customer service or tech support, you need to employ QA agents. These agents can either work during the same time as your other agents in order to provide real-time or constant feedback sessions. The CV’s/resumes you will see will usually have prior QA experience backed by actual CSR or TSR experience as QA’s are usually promoted into those positions as they know the inner workings of the position.

    As with many other positions, there should be training on your processes and software. Hiring someone with prior experience with your chosen software expedites training but you need to make sure they follow your processes in order to keep things organized.

    Sales Representatives

    Sales are the lifeblood of every successful business. This means that the quality of your sales reps needs to match the standard of business you’re trying to uphold. That being said we provide highly qualified sales representatives with varying years of experience. They come in two main varieties, being inbound and outbound. Inbound sales tend to have experience in upselling as their customers are already interested in the product or service that is being provided. Outbound sales reps will most often have a more tenacious and aggressive approach to dialing.

    For any highly experienced sales representatives, you hire, you’ll only really have to worry about product/service training with an additional crash course on your processes. Newer or fresh graduates that you may hire will require more training and generally start off with a script that they eventually will graduate from. The training time of each sales rep is dependent on their ability to pick up the lessons you’re teaching them.

    Team Leaders

    Team leaders are essentially supervisors, and as such, they are your boots on the ground for your remote team. Their role is to keep the team effective and working in order to progress your goals. Their oversight comes in the form of frequent reports or meetings with you to keep you up to date. How you coordinate is ultimately up to you or the point of contact. Applicants for these positions will have prior experience in BPOs (business process outsourcing) with a vast majority of them having at least some time spent as a team leader for a different company.

    Training in your business processes is critical for these positions as they are the ones who will be enforcing your vision. If you already have a small team working, it is oftentimes better to promote within that team, as they will already be familiar with the team dynamic and will be able to easily work around any problems that arise.

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