Real Estate Outsourcing

Real Estate Outsourcing

As your partner, we will help you build your remote team from the ground up. We’ll work with you to figure out what you need and then present qualified professionals who fit well with your requirements and your company.

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Hire a real estate outsourcing professional today to help with any facet of your business. From helping out with backend administrative tasks to the front end, customer-facing jobs, remote staff can help you save time and capital.

    Outsourcing or hiring remote staff for a position is a cost-effective alternative to hiring onshore.

    Have a quick look at the remote real estate staff we hire regularly!

    Outsourcing or hiring remote staff for a position is a cost-effective alternative to hiring onshore.

    Have a quick look at the remote real estate staff we hire regularly!

    Strong communication and oversight are what make remote teams successful. Make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of what needs to be delivered and what the goal is. Choosing the right team chat application will be important. On the management side of things, in addition to your point of contact with the team, you will have oversight in the form of our account managers and coaches. We will take over all of the backend tasks associated with hiring staff so you can focus on the day-to-day grind and productivity.

    In terms of shifts, you can put them on any shift you need. If you hire sales representatives you can have them work during your business hours and for more backend tasks, they can shift to your nightshift hours.


    Airbnb channel managers help improve customer satisfaction by ensuring smooth transactions. Prior experience of your applicants will include, jobs such as virtual assistants, other managerial positions involving hospitality, and other CRM management positions. Their duties will include, monitoring the activities of competitors, ensuring the platform is working as intended, and managing inquiries across multiple platforms. In some cases, you could even encounter a candidate who had prior experience working in your country.

    As the job is already done online, there won’t be any major differences in the role if you hire remote staff for the position, except for the amount of money you’ll save. Being able to coordinate with your remote staff will be critical to your success. For most conversations, you can use any team chat application. In emergency situations, you could even communicate via phone, with your remote staffing using a cloud-based dialer to call you.

    Digital Marketing

    If your goal is to get your business’ name out there, you’re going to need a marketing team. Hiring a remote marketing team will cost less than an in-office team. Depending on what specialization you’re looking for, people will have experience with search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), creating content, and managing social media. Your applicants will come from a wide range of backgrounds, but overall their ability to adapt to real estate marketing will determine whether they’re good for your company.

    In terms of training, you will have to go through your brand book in order to make your business and its practices clear. In the event that you don’t have a brand book created yet, that could be the team-building exercise. As their work is done online, they can be on any shift you need them on, whether they overlap with your schedule or they work completely autonomously with some sort of organizational look on their own schedules.

    Property Management

    The huge majority of applicants for this position will have former management experience. A couple of applicants might have team leader experience and that is just another name for a supervisor position in the Philippines. Experience with different CRM systems will be a major differentiating factor between them. If you’re looking to do a lot less training with a system, then you can elect to make your specific CRM a requirement for the job. Do take note that, adding specific requirements may extend the search time of recruitment, especially if you’re looking for experience with niche and less popular software.

    A remote property manager essentially is a digital landlord. They will handle daily tasks online through the use of CRM tools. Training for the program and the processes of your company will need to be done before they can work on their own. Communications even after the training period need to stay active in order to raise the chances of success. This doesn’t mean micromanaging your staff, simply checking in once in a while is enough.

    Sales and Marketing

    These positions help bring in more money for the company as a whole and are crucial for business growth and success. Your sales candidates will all have prior experience doing sales over the phone, in addition, they also might have experience doing lead generation as well. Your candidates might be split between inbound and outbound sales. Your marketing candidates will depend on your requirements and budget. If you can afford multiple people you can get people who specialize in SEO tactics, content writing, social media management, and graphic design. In the event that you can only afford 1 or 2 people, you will have someone who can do all parts of marketing.

    As your sales representatives will be using a cloud-based dialer, training should go over their tools and your company processes. The same goes for marketers, with the exception that your brand book should be part of their training. In the event that you don’t have a brand book completed, you could have your marketing teamwork on that as their first team project.

    Transaction Coordination Work

    This position acts as a real estate agent’s assistant, as they help with the administrative tasks. Many of the applicants for this position will have prior experiences as virtual or executive assistants, meaning that they will have experience doing many different types of tasks. Candidates who make it to the final interview will be well-rounded with experience doing backend tasks and some will have experience making follow-up calls.

    Transaction coordination works as a remote position as they will only need access to your database and some sort of dialer in order to make calls. Following up with clients and other real estate agents may be a part of their regular workflow so they would need training on all of your company processes as they are representing your company.

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