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Tailored Outsourcing for Startups and Tech Companies

Whether you’re developing cutting-edge software or scaling a startup, our remote staffing options connect you with top-tier tech professionals—from application developers to digital marketers. We focus on aligning with your specific objectives to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance, helping you accelerate growth while managing costs effectively.

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    Finding qualified employees to help your business grow shouldn’t give you a headache or break the bank.

    All developers can easily work from remote locations, having remote staff just means communicating differently. Team chat applications will be your main method of communication between you and your remote staff, whether you have a single staff member or a whole department full.

    Your staff can work any shift you need them to. In most cases, they are on the same shift as your in-office staff, but you can have them working in a slight overlap or completely independent from your in-office team.

    In terms of managing them, we will take over all of the administrative tasks. You get to focus on the day-to-day operations. Organizational tools coupled with team chat apps will help you and your team stay on top of tasks and deadlines.

    The tools you use along with processes you use that are specific to your company should be included in your remote staffs’ training. You also have the option of only interviewing candidates who have specific experience with certain tools, but the speed at which those candidates will vary.

    As with all other remote positions, they can work any shift you give them. A safe bet is to put them on the same shift as the point of contact or as other members of your developer team. If you will make use of agile methodologies and trust your developers to work autonomously, you can elect to have them on a short overlap with a point of contact while the rest of their shift can be something more comfortable for them. 

    Training for devs, no matter what position is mostly the same. You want to train the processes for your company, then any additional training is generally for new technologies and can be done over a specific period of time. Any training you invest in your employees will be greatly appreciated by them and will help to retain staff for long periods of time.

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