Tbilisi, Georgia

Situated in the center of Tbilisi’s cultural center near Freedom Square, our new office stands as our expansion into Europe. This location thrives amidst the historic and dynamic atmosphere of the area, surrounded by a lively cultural scene. Our Tbilisi office is designed to seamlessly integrate into this vibrant setting, supporting our commitment to blend local culture with our global operational standards.

Occupying the top two floors of an iconic building near Freedom Square, our Tbilisi office is a hub of collaboration and innovation. The space is meticulously designed to foster communication and teamwork, crucial for both professional and personal growth. Additionally, we harness the expertise of Georgian professionals in software development, programming, and coding, and offer multilingual services in German, Russian, French, and Spanish. This strategic blend of local talent and linguistic diversity enables us to lead cutting-edge projects and expand our operational reach across Europe, ensuring our office actively enhances the region’s cultural and professional landscape.

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