Remote Staffing from our Office or our Employee’s Homes

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    How It Works?

    remote staffing one is provided by Clarkoutsourcing

    Remote Staffing

    This is essentially the overseas term for outsourcing, also known as Incubation Services. A client can choose to hire anywhere from a single person to a full team of people. We hold our staff to a high standard which keeps our current clients happy while bringing in new ones.

    recruiting and hr is provided by remote staffing

    Recruiting and HR

    We have a dedicated team of recruitment professionals that source, screen, and qualify candidates for clients. They use multiple sourcing channels in order to increase their chances of finding qualified individuals. Our HR team ensures that all administrative tasks are taken care of in order to ensure the client staff’s productivity.

    cloud staffing is provided by remote staffing

    Stable Support System

    In the event that you’re struggling or just need general help, the internal staff is always there to support you. Aside from their normal tasks you can interact with the internal staff if you need someone to talk to. Account managers and Employee Relations are there specifically for this but everyone is more than willing to help you.

    Common Jobs

    Be sure to check our careers page in order to see exactly what is opened.

    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Administrative Support
    • Appointment Setting
    • AutoCAD, BIM or Revit
    • Back Office Support
    • Customer Service Support
    • Data Analyst / Encoding
    • Digital Marketing
    • Email Management / Filtering
    • Engineering and Drafting
    • Financial Planning
    • General Support
    • Graphic Design
    • Medical Billing / Transcribing
    • Recruiter
    • Sales Support
    • Technical / IT Support
    • Technical Support
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Web or Software Development
    • Check out our careers page for others on the list

    How it works?

    The Process is easy and only takes 3 simple Steps!

    cloud staffing is provided by remote staffing

    Visit Our Careers Page

    Look at the jobs currently available and submit your resume or CV to the one you fit best.

    cloud staffing philippines is provided by remote staffing

    Do The Initial Interview

    If you’re qualified for the job you applied for, a recruiter will contact you. Do the initial interview and if you are a good fit they will give you a couple of assessments to complete. Send that back and wait to be contacted again.

    cloud staffing is provided by remote staffing

    Do The Client Interview

    If you made it to this step, make sure you are on time for the interview. After you complete the interview, be on standby and you’ll be informed of the results. This may take a couple of days depending on the client.

    Why Outsource with us?

    There are over 100,000 Business Process Outsourcing companies world-wide…

    “Your Success is our Success”

    The Office


    • 100 Mbps fiber optic dedicated E1 Business line
    • 1 Gbps fiber optic dedicated line as a “Special services” line
    • ViciDial Servers dialer and support
    • Trello, Slack/ Kissflow – CRM Access
    • Cisco Network System
    • 1 to 1 workstation routing
    • Biometric time cards
    • Security Firewalls
    • 19-32″ LED Monitor
    • A4 to i5 third generation processor PC 2Gb to 8Gb RAM with dedicated video memory
    • Over 650 workstations!

    Creative Workspace - Unique Working Environment And Culture

    Looking To Join The COolest Workplace In Clark?

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