Seat Leasing and Incubation

Seat Leasing caters to business owners who possess their own team but lack necessary infrastructure. It includes fully-equipped workstations complete with high-speed internet and PCs, enabling staff to work efficiently. For those seeking specific employee types not immediately available, a consultation can provide solutions and cost estimates for required positions.

Seat Leasing in the Philippines

Rent out workspaces for your staff at competitive rates.
Ask yourself the following questions before committing to seat leasing in the Philippines:

  • Do you have staff but no workspace?
  • Has your team grown too big for your current space?
  • We give you the infrastructure you need to keep your business running


  • Our Office Features 31,000 Square Feet Of Creative Space
  • Equipped With Fiber Optic Cabling, A Server Room That Is Wired Into One To One Workstations, And Round The Clock IT Assistance (Additional Fee)
  • IT Assistance Is An Additional Charge

Simplified Process To Success

What’s Included:

If We Are The Right Fit, Great – If We Aren’t, We’ll Point You In The Right Direction – How It Should Be

We’d Love To Hear About What You Envisioned!