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BPO Consulting

We offer BPO Consulting in the Philippines.

With over a decade of experience operating BPO’s in India, Romania, South Africa, and the Philippines, we have the experience to help you successfully set up your own offshore company.

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Zack Williamson

Zack started outsourcing lead generation campaigns to Bangalore, India in 2005 while he was a real estate agent in Florida. Within 6 months, the offshore team grew to over 50 staff members so he decided to jump on a plane and go to work on the call center floor. Shortly after, he discovered the neutral accents of Filipinos when he made a call to Vonage. He was so impressed that two weeks later, he went to the Philippines to set up a second office in Manila. Since then, he’s set up more offices in New Delhi, India, Manila and Clark, Philippines, as well as a web and software development office in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2005, he’s taken in over a hundred different call center and back-office accounts from companies such as AIG, Wachovia Bank, Wells Fargo, and many more, but he didn’t shy away from small and mid-sized projects including real estate, mortgage, insurance, solar, medical, engineering, just to name a few.

In 2008, Zack became a BPO consultant and started helping others outsource their projects. Since then, he’s helped set up and consult with companies all over the world. He specializes in corporate filings and formation, labor pool analysis and HR services, international banking and tax code, property acquisition, office construction, fit-out, and infrastructure. On the more technical side of things he also consults in regards to call center services/systems, software development, marketing and SEO practices, back-office operations, database management, cloud computing, and many more. He’s helped over a hundred different accounts get set up in outsourcing offices worldwide.

Zack’s experience makes the learning curve as minimal as possible, his years of experience also aid in minimizing risk and ensuring that you start off correctly. With all that experience under his belt, the consultation will more than pay for itself.

Russell Meiselman

Russell came from humble beginnings. His start as an entrepreneur came from the construction industry in the form of hard labor as he dug holes as a kid. This worked out in his favor as it shaped his work ethic and helped him become the charismatic leader he is today. After his manual labor job, he moved into a sales position, doing traditional door-to-door sales as an independent contractor. He quickly learned that he had a knack for people, he could interact and build relationships with anyone, and this ultimately evolved being able to lead any team. Soon after this job, he was hired by a different company to run an in-house sales team out of a small office in California. Within 6 months, the company began to outsource the sales process to India and the Philippines. Russell was sent abroad to help train his team’s replacements, this event opened his eyes to new opportunities and began his journey into the BPO industry.

Russell spent 2011-2012 traveling around the world helping businesses set up, manage, and streamline their processes. He specialized in operational streamlining with an emphasis on management productivity and procedures. He started with small companies then gradually began to help bigger companies and was even given opportunities to do BPO consulting in the Philippines. With his portfolio growing, he began to get referrals and free advertising from his former clients, leading to professional growth, financial stability, and profit.

As a consultant, he earned fulfillment as he was able to successfully help companies become stable and ultimately successful. Through his time consulting he was able to observe how businesses, both big and small, functioned. He also observed as business owners ruined their own business by forgetting the little details, which eventually snowballed into bigger, catastrophic problems. Taking everything he knew, he partnered up with Zack and provided, sustainable,


We can help you set up your own offshore telesales team. Whether it’s doing outbound telemarketing and appointment setting, or inbound sales and order tracking we have the solutions to get you up and running while hitting your goals.

Customer Service

Clark Outsourcing wants you and your business to succeed. We combine research, consulting, and training to help you learn and develop both voice and non-voice customer service techniques that your customers expect.

Technical Support

We can also help set up your infrastructure as well as your protocols. In-depth knowledge about your clients’ products and services is essential to success. Clark Outsourcing’s alert tech support system allows your customers to get a thorough answer to their questions, concerns, and issues in a quick and efficient manner.

IT Management

With a cloud-based or locally hosted system, we understand how vital it is for an IT system to be properly aligned with your business. Clark Outsourcing is committed to helping you make decisions in regards to improving your IT infrastructure.

Human Resources

The HR department is the first point of contact for staff and therefore, mission-critical. Strong leaders, strong individuals, and a strong team is the key to a successful company. Clark Outsourcing will help you find the right balance of system, hiring process, and selecting the right talents so you can work with the best people.


Clark Outsourcing’s training consultancy is tailored to meet the needs of all offshore offices. Our programs are conducted by professional consultants who have extensive experience in bridging the gaps between offshore offices and remote staff. Our goal is to create a seamless protocol to increase communications as well as efficiency.


At Clark Outsourcing, we partner with our clients in order to create bespoke coaching solutions that meet their business’s needs and goals.

Effective Reporting

Effective, accurate, and proper reporting is an important tool to produce reliable information for the company. This information is the basis for decisions and are critical in the company’s ability to make the correct choices.

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