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    How To Manage An Evolving Hybrid Workforce


    Gone are the days of a traditional work setting that we’ve been so used to a typical day at the office when it was easy to physically keep watch on your team. It all changed when the pandemic happened in 2020. Now that a large number of workers prefer working from home or in a hybrid setup it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place to manage a hybrid workforce. 

    Keep Tabs On Team Members

    Regular updates on team members are important for the well-being of a team, whether or not it is a hybrid, remote, or in-office employee. However, supervisors should encourage team members to commit to giving regular updates on their progress, road blocks, or workload when it comes to hybrid teams. Having a clear picture of their daily or weekly tasks would make managing team members easier, and it’s a better alternative to guessing what they’re doing. It never hurts to give constant updates to let your team know how you’re doing. 

    Lead by Example 

    Putting your words into action and leading your team by actively practicing what you preach is a quality of a good leader. The intention is to inspire the people around you and entice them to do what you do. The truth of the matter is that most employees don’t want to get bossed around by someone who appears to do nothing and not following your own instructions implies that you are an incompetent leader. 

    Leading by example is a good skill that managers should acquire and improve upon. The importance of leading by example in a hybrid work environment helps foster synergy between the leader and team members. This simply means that you care about the well-being of your team by putting your feet into their shoes. 

    Be Open To Criticism

    The word “criticism” often has a negative connotation to the recipient. Most people don’t like to be criticized for how they work but when it comes down to managers or leaders, constructive criticism is a good thing to improve the processes, workload, and other matters that are involved in the workplace. An effective feedback process implemented by the management improves a hybrid work environment by addressing the inefficiencies of certain work processes. 

    Hybrid Work Is Here To Stay

    In 2021, 74% of US companies are either using or planning to implement a hybrid work model. While 55% of employees want to work remotely at least three times a week. That said, hybrid work setups are bound to dominate in-office work setups. 

    The Bottom Line 

    Ultimately, hybrid work models will change our working environment in the long run. As more and more companies implement hybrid models within their respective policies, team leaders should be able to cope with the changes brought about by hybrid models. At the end of the day, hybrid work set-ups are here to stay. 

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