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    Fast And Simple Tips To Overcome Procrastination


    Why are you here? Are you struggling with procrastination too? Don’t worry you are not alone. Procrastination affects between 15% to 20%  of adults, a staggering number, I know it happens with the best of us. Now that remote working is gaining traction all over the world, procrastination is the enemy of remote workers and on-site workers. However, it’s not the end, in this article, I will provide simple tips to minimize or eliminate procrastination. 

    Commit To A Daily Schedule

    It takes 21 days to form a routine, by religiously committing to a daily schedule will help you streamline your day-to-day tasks. Make sure to follow the schedule you made, think of it as a covenant that you made with yourself. Once you have rigidly followed your schedule, this will help you form a proper daily routine that your body will recognize like muscle memory. Moreover, having a daily schedule would balance your time with work and personal life. 

    Eliminate Distractions

    Whether you work in your home or the office, distractions are one of the major triggers for procrastination. When you’re struggling with procrastination, you may tend to deviate from your tasks, make sure to look for a space that minimizes distractions such as a quiet place like a study room, a co-working space, and not your bedroom. Being inside your bedroom distracts you to do tasks, you may be enticed to lay down on your bed and check your phone. Moreover, look for a place where you can focus with less noise. Once you found a location where you can work comfortably you’ll feel the motivation to work.  

    Avoid Multitasking

    Most people are guilty of doing this, they believe that multitasking is an effective way to finish multiple tasks at once. It’s difficult to pull off when you’re a procrastinator, it hinders your ability to work efficiently because of the piled tasks you incurred. Multitasking will pile up your workload, when deadlines are looming, you’ll feel the pressure to get them done quickly. Instead of focusing on one task at a time that would help maintain the quality of work, multitasking overloads a person’s schedule by doing multiple tasks at the same time, thereby decreasing the quality of work. 

    • Refrain from checking your mobile phone
    • Avoid social media
    • Remove non-work-related tabs
    • Prioritize difficult tasks over easier ones

    Remember To Reward Yourself

    Once you have adjusted your routine into an orderly and timely manner, it should be smooth sailing from thereon. I know it’s difficult to overcome procrastination, remember it’s always your mind which is the enemy here. Take baby steps at first, reward yourself with 5-minute breaks after you’ve finished a task, or listen to your favorite song afterward. Establishing a routine is the key part of eliminating procrastination. 

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