How To Conduct A Successful Remote Interview

As a result of recent events, working remotely has become the norm for businesses. Now that most companies and employees are working remotely, the process of conducting interviews had changed. Being able to interview online has become an important skill to possess. Holding a great interview not only lets your future employer know how serious you are, but that you have high-level communication skills which will make collaborating with you easier.

Preparation Is Important

This is more of a two-part tip. Always have a game plan in mind. This doesn’t mean you’re going to read answers off a script. You can search up questions employers ask for your specific role and prepare for them, but do not assume that they will ask those questions. If your interviewer asks something you weren’t prepared for, quickly transition to an answer. Never repeat the question to the interviewer, this is seen as a tactic to stall for time and it’s a bit annoying when done repeatedly. You essentially want to be quick and to the point when answering questions, but not to the point of giving one-word or one-sentence answers, while making sure you don’t pause too long before answering.

This preparation tip’s second part is to ensure your technology works. This means that your internet or data connection is stable and won’t go out during the interview. The PC, laptop, or phone you’re using should also be tested before the initial interview. Being late or dropping out in the middle of the interview subconsciously sends the message that you’re not reliable and some employers don’t enjoy being made to wait. So before the interview, test out the hardware you’re going to use and ensure the application you’re using works and that you know how to use it. Going into a Skype or Zoom call and not being able to get your webcam working when it’s a webcam interview isn’t a great first impression.

Find A Professional Setting

Make sure you’re in a quiet environment when in the interview and have notifications turned off. Treat it like an in-person interview. Make sure the people you live with are notified that you’re doing an interview so no one barges into the room when you’re talking and minimize unwanted noise. On the same note, if there are any other animals that might distract you or your interviewer, try to move away from them, ie: cats that like to jump on your computer while using it, a rooster somewhere in the neighborhood, etc.

Pay Attention

Make sure you’re attentive during the call. This means paying attention to your volume, facial expressions, and questions asked. Make sure everyone can hear you, if you’re giving great answers to the questions but are whispering then all your effort will be put to waste. Make sure you look confident when speaking and on one hand, take note of your interviewer’s facial expressions. You can tell how you’re doing by how they react to your answers. Lastly, make a note of the line of questioning to anticipate what might be asked next so you’re ready once they ask. Just a note, don’t interrupt your interviewer with an answer, always let them finish their question. 

Be Professional 

Make sure you look professional when doing an interview with a webcam turned on. Looking presentable to your interviewer invokes that you are serious about this opportunity to get the job. Refrain from wearing inappropriate attire, you don’t want to be known as “that obscene guy” after you’ve done the interview. Treat the webcam interview like an in-person one and everything should be fine. Don’t be lazy, take the extra time to groom yourself and look the part, it goes a long way.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the interview, you are always asked if you have any questions. Make sure you have some prepared. This will be the last impression you make on your interviewer(s) so close it out strong and ask good questions. If you don’t know any you can look some up on Google, you can take them word for word or modify them to fit you.

You are essentially showing off what value you can add to their company by doing an interview. It’s just almost exactly like an in-person interview but with technology thrown in the mix. Having a smooth and strong interview will leave a lasting impression on your interviewer(s).

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