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    The Best Offshore Development Trends In 2022


    Technology has come a long way, from the Y2K scare in 1999, till today, where the world all but runs on the internet, numerous pieces of software, and cellphones that have essentially evolved into pocket-sized computers. The increasing need for developers has risen as technology continues to advance.

    Hiring remote developers or offshoring development needs has become a cost-effective way for businesses of all sizes to meet their technology needs. There have been certain trends in this offshore development that make up the majority of hires in this space. The most popular development trends of 2022 include hiring developers knowledgeable in cloud computing and big data, which all tie into custom development solutions.

    Cloud-Based Development

    Cloud engineers are specialized software developers, specifically in being able to implement and maintain services that are run online and hosted at a physical data center. While this position is important in the cloud computing world, it isn’t the only one, other important jobs include cloud architects, cloud consultants, and cloud developers. Without getting into the minutiae of each job, you’d need a full team to get the best results out of cloud computing.

    To clarify, cloud computing is “the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.” Simply put, cloud computing gives you access to technology without having to physically have the hardware usually required for it.

    Now, these positions are becoming increasingly important as well as sought after as cloud computing allows many businesses to save on IT costs. In addition, cloud computing allows businesses to hire anywhere, this allows for faster hiring times as well as reduced costs as they can hire anywhere in the world where there’s internet access. Cloud computing is allowing small businesses to gain access to professionals they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford and put them on their team early on in the business life cycle.

    Big Data

    Big data describes colossal amounts of complex information. An analyst named Doug Laney coined the 3 V’s of big data as:

    • Volume – the amount of data collected, ranging from large to infinite
    • Velocity – the speed at which data is collected
    • Variety – the types of data collected such as audio, video, text documents, emails, etc.

    Big data is not only changing the way businesses behave, but also how information is gathered, analyzed, and utilized. Large companies such as Apple have been using big data to improve their products and services. Gathering user data such as how their customers use applications on their phones allows Apple to develop better apps. In another example, the data collected from Apple Watches allows Apple to gain insight into their customers’ health and gives them the necessary information to make improvements. 

    This data isn’t easily accessed or processed. Usually, businesses have whole departments to comb through big data and make it usable. A normal team has 4 components:

    • Data Collection
    • Data Storage
    • Data Analysis
    • Machine Learning or Knowledge Creation

    In an ideal situation, each of these positions has its own personnel, and in some cases, has an even bigger breakdown within each section. There are some small businesses that run a barebones team and still make it work for them. It is increasingly important to have this information as it gives any business a competitive advantage over its competitors. Being able to know exactly what your audience wants and needs allows you to target them better. It also helps reduce costs as you’ll be able to determine what processes are the least to most effective.

    Custom Development Solutions

    In line with cloud computing and big data, custom solutions that fit both your business and your customers’ needs are in high demand. Something as seemingly simple as a pleasant user interface on your website can make all the difference between getting a sale or not. In a more complex example, having a human resource information system (HRIS) built specifically for your needs will allow your HR team to better track and serve the rest of the employees.

    Having your own custom solutions will allow you to target your audience better, resulting in more sales, and these both involve combining big data and a marketing team. A data scientist or someone from the data analysis part of big data can give you detailed insight into the behavior patterns of your intended audience. Marketing can capitalize on this and better target these individuals, which will lead to higher conversion rates meaning higher sales.

    In a non-sales aspect, customized solutions offer you control over your systems. If you need another feature, have it created. If you don’t like the way something functions, have it reworked into something better. You’ll no longer have to conform to a system you simply rent.

    If you’re thinking about creating or having your own custom solutions, hiring your own developers is the first step. Whether it’s onsite hires, remote staffing through a BPO, or even freelancers, if you want custom solutions that fit all of your needs without paying a premium to another company, you need developers. They give you the flexibility to have the features you need and the design that works best for your company, all without making any sacrifices.

    The Wrap Up

    The advancement in all aspects of technology and the world’s reliance on connectivity in order to fulfill the needs of others has placed greater importance on developers. Offshore developers give all businesses the opportunity to leverage big data and cloud systems without breaking the bank. These trends have been used by big companies to successfully grow their businesses for years, but with the cost of remote staff being considerably lower, now any business can afford to avail them. With the barrier of entry so low and other businesses already making use of offshore developers, the question becomes: can you afford not to use these solutions?

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