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    Ways To Improve Your Process Mapping


    Process mapping is a management planning tool that visually defines the flow of work within an organization. Nowadays, businesses utilize process mapping to improve the output of their production in a well-orchestrated procedure to meet end goals. Furthermore, having a clear and written out process map for an organization provides a clear picture of the flow of work and each responsibility of employees involved in the process. Therefore, avoiding confusing and complex work that often results in complete discord. 

    Why Should You Improve Your Process Map?

    A business organization cannot simply be content with an outdated process map. Nowadays, business activities are a dynamic process, the continuously changing environment of customer demands, innovation of production processes, and redundancy of work processes will make or break a process map. Since it is important to improve a process map based on the three points mentioned previously, an improved flow sheet would allow an organization in streamlining its workflow to increase its productivity and importantly raise its profit margin. 

    Begin Mapping The Process

    You must initiate the mapping process with clear objectives in mind, and improvements to the current process must be applied where it is deemed appropriate and necessary. By following a set of guidelines, everyone who will use and depend on the map, namely, the practitioners and business managers, can also help develop a more defined process map. 

    • Improvement objectives must be clear and continuous
    • Use the process mapping only where appropriate
    • Employ process architecture to develop process maps
    • Study the impact of organizational structures
    • Identify multiple responsibilities and tasks

    Scope of the Process

    Managers must observe the entire process and collect data and information. Gathering all relevant information regarding the workflow and the employees involved in the step-by-step production. It is important to have clear and established boundaries to make sure the scope of the flowchart created is accurate and sufficient in meeting the needs of the company. 

    Involvement of rank and file employees in process mapping 

    Once the scope of the process is identified and established, the teams should first be involved in the process of creating a process map. The boundaries established are crucial for teams as then they would indicate what tasks, activities, responsibilities, and decisions should be made. 

    Rank and file employee insights are valuable because they include whether or not a specific process is effective or not. Simply put, the teams/employees are the boots on the ground, and it’s the responsibility of upper management to advocate their involvement in the creation of the process map because employees have first-hand experience on their specific tasks, and utilize their insights to improve the process map is valuable. 

    Identify Waste And Inefficiencies 

    Process mapping is a valuable tool to pinpoint waste and inefficiencies within the organization’s workflow. The visualization of the process provides a clear picture of what is not needed, thereby, identifying the workflow process is the best way to improve the process. 

    The Bottom Line 

    A straightforward and easy-to-understand flow chart is necessary to avoid confusion. Using a complex process map is counterproductive and would only worsen the flow of work. An improved process plan that eliminated all identified unnecessary stages in the process. It’s important to remember that a process map is a great visual aid for companies looking to increase efficiency and productivity. 

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